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College = flats, backpacks and lunctime naps

Sunday, January 17th 2010. | Fashion

I am so excited about starting a fresh new academic year at college and can’t wait to see what opportunities are waiting for me this year. After finishing one year of college, I’ve learned from my many mistakes and for those of you that are soon to be freshmen, I have lots to tell!

When wondering what to wear:

  • Always go with flats or sneakers, especially if you’re going to be walking on campus ALL the time. I thought I could handle heels one time – BIG MISTAKE.
  • Try to figure out the temperature setting in your classrooms. The newer buildings at my school tend to be really cold so I like to bring along a comfy fleece jacket. Whereas the ancient buildings from the stone ages are always hot (so I guess there’s not much you can do there).
  • You’ll never go wrong with sunglasses and sunscreen is a must in the summer heat.
  • And use a backpack! Don’t lie to yourself thinking that you won’t need one. If you do you’ll end up forgetting tor bring your books to class which leads to not studying and then you’ll wonder why you failed that class at the end of the semester. Ok that’s being too dramatic, but you get the point. =)

When dealing with professors:

  • Visit them during their office hours! They love it and it’ll show that you’re actually trying.
  • Try not fall asleep during your classes – staring off into space won’t get you into as much trouble…
  • And don’t show up late to classes, professors are easily offended.

When balancing your academic and social life:

  • Just hit the books and try to study. There’s never a loss when you learn something, even if it’s not on the test.
  • Get rest! Don’t push yourself to attend the biggest sorority party of the semester, when you know you have an 8:00 class the next day.
  • It’s okay to chill out during the daytime too. Lunchtime naps often help me revive my energy and helps me through the long days.
  • But don’t forget to be with your friends since they understand what you’re going through the best, whether it be good or bad.
    There’s definitely lots more in order to survive college, but these are some that I wish I knew before I started and hopefully you got a few things out of this. And lastly, have fun! We’re in college!!!

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