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It’s time for another giveaway!

Sunday, January 17th 2010. | Fashion

School is just about to start for everyone or has already started and I think a good way to start off would be with another giveaway. One thing I have found very important after all these years of living and trying to live my life its fullest is the importance of time. Time flies by all the time, whether we know it or not, and every now and then I know it’s hard to keep track, but it would be a whole lot easier with a brand new watch, would it not?

So Fashion Addict has teamed up with OrientalWatchSite.com and is giving away to one lucky winner a brand new Orient watch retailing at $80!

OrientwatchOrient Automatic Men’s Watch

I know, I know, (to all the ladies) you’re probably thinking, “Why in the world would I want to wear a men’s watch?”As much as I can agree with your thought process there, I can’t help but play around and try on my own father’s watches. Men’s watches such as the CFPAA002D have that certain boldness and when I see women wearing them, it just makes them look so much more edgy and trendy. Like my favorite Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian's rocking a men's watch, why don't you?Kim Kardashian’s rocking a men’s watch, why don’t you?

Still not convinced enough to wear it yourself? No problem, it’s always nice to surprise your boyfriend with a unexpected gift, or even show your family how much you enjoy their company by giving them a sweet new watch. And for all you men reading my blog, (don’t deny – I know you read it), this is definitey a thing to participate in. So enter the contest! I know you’ll have fun!

All you have to do is:

1. Explain in the comments section why you would wear a men’s watch OR Why time is important to you.

2. Make sure you enter your email address so I can contact the lucky winner.

3. Be on time! (haha) The contest will be running from 8/19/09 – midnight of 8/25/09. Late entries won’t be included so make sure you get here before it’s over!

4. Tell all your friends about it and blog posts are a plus!

5. And finally have fun with this and subscribe to my feed to recieve all the updates on this contest!

So what are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to win an awesome new watch for yourself or even as a gift for a friend, so go ahead and enter!

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