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Sunday, January 17th 2010. | Fashion

After our last midterm of the semester, my friends and I sighed and lounged outside of our classroom. Relieved that everything was over with and that we hopefully did well, we talked about the usual girl stuff, what’s going on during the weekend and the cute boys.

As we laughed through our conversations, we happened to notice one of our previous economics professor walking past us in the hallway. “There’s your favorite professor in the world,” my friend says somewhat sarcastically. As I turn to see, I reply, “Oh, yeah he’s pretty cool.” But I couldn’t help giggle when I saw his outfit and I tell my friend:

Me: For a business professor, isn’t it weird that he dresses like that?
Friend: Seriously. It’s like he’s kept his wardrobe from the 80’s and never changed it. Now that’s what you call an economic investment.
Me: Haha, but you know I have seen him in a suit before. Just once.
Friend: Really?!

Whenever I think of professors I imagine someone wearing a 3 piece suit, looking really prim and proper as they take their wise self to class. But no. That’s really not that case at my university and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not that case at yours.

I love most of my professors, they’re wonderful people, and as much respect that I have for them, I can’t help but get distracted by their fashion. My old English professor literally wore bright pink pants to class and occasionally a pink pastel dress that defined every part of her body that it shouldn’t. Another professor accidentally wore her skirt backwards, and when approached by someone about it simply fixed it in front of them without a sign of embarrassment.

And I love this one science professor that enjoys wearing two glasses, one on top of the other, “because it helps him see better.” Haha, right… But my favorite is the one who wears Hawaiian shirts every chance he can.

I know, I’m bad, but the occasional joke about professor fashion is fun. There’s one course that I think many of my professors either failed to take or plainly just failed and that’s Fashion 101.

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