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6 Healthy Eating Tips for Weight Loss

Sunday, July 4th 2010. | Health

Obviously you can’t lose weight by just starting to eat healthy. Your healthy eating rules should be simple, clear and easy to follow. That’s exactly what we post about today. With these tips, healthy eating will become the simplest thing.

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Below are our tips on how to start eating healthy.

  1. Do you know that your clothing style can affect your eating habits? You can’t believe this? Scientific evidence shows that women who prefer loose clothes eat more! So forget about shapeless T-shirts!
  2. Exclude one food item from your diet per day. It’s awfully difficult to start eating foods that you didn’t want before. So don’t stay away from your typical diet. This is ineffective because you will want back all the foods you get used to sooner or later. What you need is to pick up food items you are ready to avoid at the moment, such as white bread, meat, cheese, alcohol and so on. Leave the rest of your diet intact. Following this rule can help you cut down on hundreds of calories without any stress.
  3. Don’t try to eat less at the beginning. Small French fries instead of a big portion… This replacement could be so sad for you that you would simply quit the idea of starting to eat healthy. So cutting down on your meal portions isn’t that brilliant. Use your big plate but fill it with foods you can safely eat in large quantities like shrimp, chicken, stir-fired or raw vegetables. You can really eat lots of these.
  4. Say no to sauces! You need to exclude sauces, especially sour cream or butter based, right from the beginning. Obviously, you should forget about mayonnaise.
  5. Eat slowly. Have a glass of water before meal. After that you will feel full quicker.
  6. Alcohol. We can’t insist you stop drinking alcohol once and for all. All you need is to avoid useless calories contained in alcohol. How? Here is the tip for you, don’t drink tasty alcoholic beverages. For example, it will be great idea to avoid cocktails and white wine. When you drink alcoholic beverages you don’t like you can’t drink a lot of them so you are cutting down on useless calories.
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