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Help I’ve Got Nothing to Wear!

Friday, July 23rd 2010. | Fashion

This year I have found myself in a different scene, with different friends. I moved from School to college last year and I have to say that although I have had a great time, I feel a little bit naïve and young compared to the other girls. I grew up in a small town where nobody really cared about fashion too much but suddenly I have been thrown into City life and I feel so under-dressed!

I was pretty broke for all of my first few terms but now that summer is here I have been working back home almost full time, and I have got so much money I almost don’t know what to do with it! I say almost because last night I spoke to one of my new friends from College, and she told me that if I had plenty of money then I should be online looking at what Very could be offering me! I decided that the next day on my day off would be a day for buying clothes!

As soon as I got online I saw that the site offered lots and lots of clothes that would help me to fit in in my new environment. I found a great page with lots of lovely Miss Sixty clothes which were really well priced! I never knew that being cooled and gaining acceptance could come so cheap!

Naturally I bought a few items and as soon as they arrived I knew I would feel better about arriving back at College next term. I felt great and I looked great!


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