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Sunday, February 20th 2011. | Fashion

Hoodies jackets, better known as “Hood” is a known element of the average American family for years, rock used for the primary or a beating, if you do not want to stack your clothes. But now, hooded sweatshirts came to the fore, and people discovered that the jacket he used to go to the back of your wardrobe has a new meaning. Celebrities and bring more attention to this form now popular fashion. Here’s how you shoot your way to tidy up, and if more, use it for something else.

T-style school of T shirt: Everyone remembers when they used to pay their sweatshirts in school and you went to a school uniform that its mandate had to use a solid color. Now you can cover, but crack the sleeves a little “over the forearm and connect it to your favorite every day. If the women do this, use one that is a bit” is in shape and bright colors, if it’s light too dramatic a statement. If you wear a hood with small details such as stripes, not wearing a shirt with stripes on the wall like pictures of giant circles, a Skinny jeans with a subtle graphic design done. And there’s nothing wrong with a collar, but remember his jersey was the piece back and make sure you do not have super long strings of the hood. Several hips Hoodie: an elegant dress, simple black on something you want to have a party with friends Rock, couples with a hooded sweatshirt has a guardian for the shape and the small pockets.

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