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Alcohol free lotion for healthier skin

Tuesday, March 22nd 2011. | Cosmetics

Alcohol free lotion – Everyone will sure know that one universally used ingredient in many modern cosmetic is alcohol. Alcohol function is to clean but at the same time, it makes the skin and hair dry and bristle. You can do a simple test to prove the above statement. Drop an alcohol onto the surface of your skin and leaves it dried. See the remained dry stain and mark leaved on the skin surface and compare it with skin outside that where was an alcohol. You will definitely and easily see how dry the skin compare to other skin area outside the one which there was an alcohol. Can you imagine what alcohol can do when it becomes an ingredient in the skin lotion? An alcohol free lotion is definitely a good choice.

Alcohol is cheap material, therefore, alcohol contained cosmetic product usually a lot cheaper than naturally alcohol free cosmetic products. You can see the price of cheap cosmetic products made in china for example. Most of them are so cheap, and I am sure you all know why they are cheap. That is just because they contain alcohol on their ingredient. Compared to alcohol contained cosmetic, alcohol free cosmetic normally priced higher. One thing for sure is due to they use only a harmless natural ingredients to make this alcohol free lotion. Natural ingredients are not only good for us but also harmless to the environment. Any environment concerned person should really take this into consideration when they want to purchase any cosmetic. These people usually a financially capable to do such thing of preserving the nature.

Therefore, just like I mentioned on the previous article, alcohol is not really that bad. But it does give some bad effect when it comes into cosmetic like shampoo or skin lotion. It is strongly suggested to use an alcohol free lotion for your skin to retain its natural beauty and dampness which is one’s natural and valuable assets to have a good and healthy skin all their lives.

These days, there are many natural ingredient base cosmetic companies support their fully natural ingredients onto every single piece of their cosmetic products. All range from shampoo, skin lotion, conditioner, mascara, even perfume, all are natural made ingredients and alcohol free. Therefore, it is not so difficult to find a good alcohol free lotion anymore like how it used to be decades ago.

Being an environment activist myself, I definitely support any natural based products to be used on our daily lives. I ate only organic food. I do not smoke. I have a healthy diet. I don’t use any cosmetic product which is alcohol and other chemically contained. I do recycle as much as I can while preserving the best I can for my own environment surrounding me. It all started years ago when I got an acne prone on my skin because of alcohol container skin lotion. Since then, I only use an alcohol free lotion for my life. You can do this as well.

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