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Choosing Chemical free make up

Saturday, March 5th 2011. | Cosmetics

When women want to looks more beautiful they will use make up to help them perform differently and of course they will looks more beautiful. Since many years ago make up is the fastest way to make women looks beautiful. Some women may be not confident when they are not use make up, because make up already become the part of women’s life. it is the nature of women that they always want to appear beauty every day, so it is very simple, use make up in daily activity.

Since we use make up everyday, we should know the background of the make up it self. There are various make up which is available in the market. There is foundation, powder, eye shadow. Eye liner, mascara, blush on, concealer and lipstick. They are come in various colours and formula. They are also scented and unscented. They also made from different ingredients. There are also numbers of brand for make up, start from the unknown brand until well known brand such as Lancôme, Mac, Smash box, NYX, Stilla, Urban Decay and many others. Make up are also have different price start from cheap until expensive. Make up, sometimes also come in limited edition or according to the season. But the essential of make up did not harm your skin.

Like I said before, it is important to keep your skin from the damage because of dangerous make up which is contain dangerous chemical in its’ ingredient. We know that today there are many make up that contain dangerous chemical in it. That is why it is very important for us to choose the chemical free make up. Chemical free make up is the safe make up that you can use everyday without afraid it will be harming your skin. Chemical free make up also can help you avoid from sensitive skin and allergic.

Make up which is contain dangerous chemical are usually sold in cheap price and sometimes we can recognize the brand. So, women should be careful when they buy make up in the market or store. It is better for women to buy make up in the trustable counter or in the legal shop. Natural make up or chemical free make up are usually sold in expensive price, and of course it is also made by famous make up brand. It does not matter with the expensive price, but it worth for you because it can avoid you from the skin harm. Using natural make up also can prevent you from the premature aging.

Dangerous chemical that contain in make up are usually paraben, sodium laurel sulphate, mineral oil and phthalates. Those chemical are very dangerous and harming in your skin. Those chemical can cause allergic in your skin, even more you can get breast cancer and premature aging. Make sure that you already use chemical free make up. If you have make up that contain dangerous chemical, it is better for you to stop using it and throw it away.

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