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Choosing Oil free cosmetic

Saturday, March 19th 2011. | Cosmetics

Oil free cosmetic – When you have an oily skin or have acne, the best cosmetic for you to use is those considered as oil free cosmetics. This means the cosmetic you are using are free from any oleaginous ingredients on contain. To ensure about this, you need to make sure that the label behind the products stated that they are oil free. These kind of cosmetic are the best and appropriate cosmetics for oily or acne prone skin. In a case where the acne is still flare up on some people’s cases, it is good and advisable for them to use, again, an oil free cosmetic, to cover up your acne. This is to regain a self confidence for people who are having acne prone on their skin.

One thing that should be considered and understand that not everyone’s skin reacts the same way for the same cosmetic. There may be some that get bad affect for which the same cosmetic does not give the same bad effect to some other people. But generally saying, although it gives the best and longest coverage, but oily foundation will definitely makes the acne even worse. In some cases, people which has severe acne problem may have to really consult their dermatologist to get the cure. No regular cosmetic will do for them. Only customize made cosmetic by their dermatologist specifically for them will cure their acne. And this is definitely will cost them a fortune to get it done.

Therefore, to get a healthy skin anyway, from the outside, you must make sure that you spare adequate of time to clean your skin from any cosmetics at least twice a day. Once in the morning before you apply cosmetic to your skin, and another one before you leave for sleep. Any remain cosmetic that leaves overnight will not do any good to you. Your skin pore will be blocked and not breathing properly while you are sleeping at night. Use as much as possible natural cosmetic instead of heavy chemically cosmetic products. Apply as less as possible during the day. Support natural look on your face will definitely do a good thing to your skin healthiness. Don’t forget to use oil free cosmetic too if you have a skin problem like acne prone for example.

From the inside, make sure you drink as much water as possible. Mineral water is very good, and it is advisable for at least to consume 8-10 glasses a day for your healthy skin. Consume as much vegetables and fruits on your daily diet. These natural sources of vitamin will definitely provide adequate number of vitamin for your skin. Again, if you need to use cosmetic, choose oil free cosmetic instead.

Another thing is, support healthy life habit. Sleep enough for at least 8 hours in a day will let your skin away from overtired. Do an exercise for your cardio. Only few people know that you exercise your skin too when you do your cardio for example. Again, use oil free cosmetic instead.

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