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Five Simple Hair Care Tips

Thursday, March 24th 2011. | Skin Care

Having good and healthy skin has been the dream of most women. No matter what the skin colour is, they will try at their best to find the most perfect skin care products. Some of them will also apply the skin care tips so that their skin will be healthier. It has been like that since hundreds years ago. That is why we can find so many natural skin care products that actually come from our ancestors. Not only women, men also care about their skin now. They go to salon, they look for skin care products that are made specially for men. To make the treatment more effective, they also follow the skin care for men tips.

Besides skin, hair is also one of the main attractions of body. A saying once stated that hair is woman’s crown. Therefore, women also care about their hairs. They want to have shiny and healthy hair. Here are the hair care tips that you can apply to have your dream hair.

The first hair care tips is you have to treat your hair just like your body. Give it a balance and nutritious diet so that it stays healthy. What you can do is to consume enough water, protein, and minerals. You can find it in your foods. Consume it in a sufficient amount so that your hair is not lack of food anymore.

The second hair care tips is about vitamins. Not only your body that needs vitamins, your hair does too! Vitamin A, B, and C are proved as the most important vitamins for your hair. Those vitamins can give you a healthy scalp, good circulation, hair growth, and hair color.

Next, do not blow dry your hair too often. Instead of blow drying, choose air dry that is better. All you have to is to use a good absorbent towel. After washing the hair and putting conditioner, use absorbent towel to absorb excess conditioner from your hair. It will also help the hair to get dry naturally.

The fourth hair care tips is do not put too much burden in your hair by coloring, bonding, or any else that will cause stress in your hair. Natural always rocks, keep that in your mind.

Fifth, avoid using too much chemical products to your hair. Instead of anything that contain chemical ingredients, better to make your own homemade recipes. You can use avocado to smooth your hair, milk to make it more shiny, etc. Those natural ingredients can be mixed up into a recipe that you can use once a week. Or you can use egg yolk to be scrubbed all over your hair once every 2 or 3 days.

There are so many other hair care tips that you can apply, but the thing is, you have to be very discipline at it. You will see the result not that long once you start it. The treatment might be a bit longer, but for a shiny and healthy hair, that would not be useless in doing it. At least, the above hair care tips are easy to do, aren’t they?

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