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Homemade body cream for kids

Thursday, March 17th 2011. | Cosmetics

We can purchase any children body cream for our kids from many of those cosmetic brands and stores. But there’s something that we need to know before we can purchase any body cream for our kids. Children’s skin can be sensitive. In some cases, they are some even can be too sensitive as well. Their skin react allergic to the chemical contents and additives found in commercial lotions and creams for kids. This is common and can happen also to any adult people like us, not only with the kids. It is also good for you to ensure you have properly documented medical record of any allergic your kids having from doctors. This documents are very handy because allergic can come not only from the outside applications like body cream for example, but also can come from food they consume.

In order for us to avoid these allergic reactions from our kid’s skin when we apply readily made body cream we bought from cosmetic stores, we do have an option for making body cream for kids our self from ingredients which are more natural which likely will not give any allergic effect to our kid’s skin. The ingredients are easily found on our own kitchen. A good homemade lotion is extremely moisturizing and gentle on the kid’s skin. Remember, just like any other part of their body, kid’s skin is on their growing stage until fully developed when they are adult. Therefore we can’t compare their skin with our skin as adult

A good homemade body cream for kids which made out of natural ingredients is not only good for their skin when they are on normal situation, but it also can help to heal any skin disease that kids may experienced. Eczema and dermatitis are just to name a few of skin disease which usually occurred on kids. In baby or infant, they are even more fragile than grown kids on teenage stage. Their skin is far more sensitive. Diapers are likely being use in a regular manner for our infant these days and continue and prolonged use can cause a diaper rash. This homemade cream can also do a good on this situation.

In a current trend, more and more people go into natural or back to nature on their daily habits. This including many cosmetically uses, includes body cream for kids, food consumption, even their working or living space are going into this trend. Therefore, it is advisable for us to ensure less chemical or artificially made products being used in our daily life and daily diet or even daily habit.

By using more natural products in our life, it is not just we are saving and preserve our nature, but it also shows our social responsible towards the earth, our place to live and life. It can be a good start if we are starting it by making our own body cream for kids our self and continue with the rest afterwards.

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