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How to choose the right Mascara

Friday, March 4th 2011. | Cosmetics

Every woman in this world is like to being beauty. One common way that can make them beauty is by using make up. There are many kinds of make up that usually use by all women in this world. They are foundation, eye shadow, blush on, powder, lipstick, and eye liner and also mascara. The blend and mixture of those make up tool can creating beauty in women face. The important thing that women must remember when they regularly is choose the appropriate make up to their skin and also use the safe make up which is free from the dangerous chemical.

One of popular make up tool that women must have and must use in their daily make up is mascara. Mascara is one of the make up tool that can make women’s eye looks more beautiful especially for eyelashes. Mascara can makes women’s eyelashes looks more longer and thicker so it create deepen and wide eye look. To create volume in our eyelashes, we can apply the mascara softly on our eyelashes. Nowadays, there are many kinds of mascara. But it seems like women do not know the kind of these mascara. Mascara is available in different formulations, colours and brands. The most popular mascara among the women is the waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara is more preferable among women because it can last longer and water resistant. This mascara are incredible amazing because it will last longer in your eyelash even thought you drop tears or get wet because rain water. Not only that, waterproof mascara can create your eyelashes more length and more volume. The other several of mascara are smudge proof mascara, which is exactly already announced to the market. Smudge proof mascara is very different with waterproof mascara. Smudge proof mascara are better than waterproof mascara.

Because there are many various mascaras available in market, women should be careful in choosing mascara. They should choose paraben free mascara. Paraben free mascara is the safe mascara because it is not contain paraben which is very dangerous for our skin. As the scientist research, paraben is very harmful for our skin. It can cause allergic, even more it can also cause serious problem such as breast cancer and premature aging. If you already bought the mascara or any other make up tools that contain paraben, it is better for you to stop using that and throw up those tools to the garbage can.

Today, women should be careful in choosing the make up tools, especially mascara. It is better for you to start using natural make up to avoid danger. There are many tips to choose the right mascara especially paraben free mascara. First you should look up to the ingredients, if it did not mention any paraben so that mascara probably did not contain paraben. Paraben free mascara is usually sold in market with cheap price. And it is better for you to buy all of your make up tool directly in the trusted counter to avoid you buy paraben free mascara.

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