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Mineral Cosmetics Better than the Ordinary

Friday, March 11th 2011. | Cosmetics

The best thing that happened in the makeup market is the introduction of chemical free creams and mineral. These chemical free minerals generally are usually made of pure minerals crushed into powder. The growing popularity of mineral makeup powders have also ensured that prices have increased significantly.

That said, you can even make these creams mineral makeup by yourself at home. The only thing you need is the minerals and organic additives, if you want these powders in a liquid form or cream.

The major minerals you need are titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, boron nitride, mica chamomile tea, brown and red mica iron oxide. These minerals can be obtained from specific online stores or you can go to any store that specializes in the sale of chemicals and chemical products.

As a binding agent you will need Jojola Oil, Shea Butter or coconut oil. Once you’ve collected all the minerals put them in specific grinder to crush them and make them into a powder or you can use a hand grinder. These minerals can be applied directly in powder form.

If you need it as a cream, then add a little shea butter or coconut oil, and it forms a cream. Before you make the mineral makeup at home, you can read all the qualities of all minerals. You need to wear rubber gloves because some minerals can be dangerous. The process does not take much time, but you have the ingredients in the right quantities to get a good quality mineral makeup.

A little bit confusing? Listed below are the reasons why mineral based cosmetics are better than ordinary ones.

Organic Ingredients

Collecting information about how cosmetics are made is very important. The main ingredient of natural makeup is contains no chemicals.

Chemical free makeup brands

Mineral-based makeup contains no chemicals such as Dioxane, which is harmful to the skin.

Certified Natural

If you’re confused, whether a makeup is really natural or not, you can always find the certification that comes with a stamp. Some companies claim their products are organic, when in fact it is not. Make sure you see a stamp that says “Certified Organic” or “Certified Natural” Before buying makeup.

Good for Skin Health

Organic makeup is better for your skin since it is chemicals free. Organic makeup is better since some people are not familiar of the ingredients of regular makeup. If you want a better and healthier life, making use of organic cosmetics must be the cherry on top.

Do not overlook natural organic cosmetics. Some users put their satisfaction with the organic composition. However, you should first try to find the right brand for your skin as usual.

It’s hard to change from the common makeup you are using but if you go for mineral based cosmetics, the compensation is immeasurable. You will be safe from hazardous chemicals brought by the regular party to have the flawless skin that looks and feels natural.

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