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Simple Makeup Tips to Make Your Day

Saturday, March 19th 2011. | Skin Care

Makeup Tips – How often do you put makeup in your face? For some women, makeup is not that important. They prefer to leave the face without anything but UV cream and little powder. But for some others, makeup is a sign of how they value their beauty is.

Makeup itself has been used since hundreds years ago. However, the trend keeps changing until now. If you have seen the classic movies that have setting in old France or most Europe, you can see how the queen and socialites were putting such unique makeup in their faces. At that era, the makeup that they used was as much powder as they can put in the faces so the faces turned into pure white. It was so funny if we compare it with the trend now, but at that time, that makeup was considered trendy.

Looking at the fast growth of the makeup industry, you will not believe that the first women who were using makeup at that time were considered as bitches, and therefore, they could not have any good position in the society. It had been like that before the makeup itself worn by the high-class society.

For you who love to wear makeup, there are some simple makeup tips that you might want to try. These are very simple and basic: before putting the makeup, make sure that your skin is already clean. And, if you put makeup into your face, make sure that your neck is powdered also. A fatal mistake will be happened if a woman put so much makeup in her face and leave her neck just like that. There will be color difference and everyone will notice.

Do not pretend as you know everything if you love putting makeup. You have to thoroughly understand the makeup tips unless you want to make your face looks dull and funny. Some women who really abandon the makeup tips turn themselves into funny or weird-look face. Although the makeup tips came from long time ago, as long as they are still good to your skin, there is no doubt of trusting it, put teabag on the top of your eyes to lose the black circle which surrounds your eyes, etc.

A person who really understands the makeup tips must really apply the skin care tips also. You cannot put the makeup 24 hours a day. There should be the time for skin to take some rest. Therefore, there are some skin care products that are believed to relaxing the skin. The skin needs to be relaxed because it cannot stand the burden of the skin all day long. If you force it, you will face so many problems with the skin, such as acnes, wreckles, spots, etc. That sounds scary, doesn’t that?

Well, if you have cared enough with the skin, you should also take a good care about your hair also. Hair is another centre of attraction after the skin, therefore, you must also apply the hair care tips, such as do not wash your hair everyday, use conditioner to smooth the hair, etc.

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