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Why to Apply the Skin Care Tips

Friday, March 18th 2011. | Skin Care

Skin Care Tips – For women, skin is one of the parts of the body that they really care about. Since thousands years ago, in some countries that have taken some steps further among others such as China, Egypt, French, etc., they took resources from the nature and mixed them to be the food for their skin. They did everything only to make their skin still looks good. It did not matter what the skin colours they had, keeping the skin healthy was the most important of all.

Some of the tricks that our ancestors do in taking such good care of their skin are being inherited until now. They have made recipes not only to be scrubbed in all over the body, but also some foods that were believed to make good effect to the skin. By the skin care tips and recipes that were made by our ancestors, we adopt some to be renewed into some modern skin care products now. Not only that, some skin care tips were also being discussed again whether they are still effective or not.

Skin care tips that were made by our ancestors were focused in the natural skin care. No wonder because at that time, there was still lack of tools and chemical products to help them in making the products. However, some of the skin care tips and products are still popular until now.

One of the oldest skin care tips that was being inherited by our ancestors is to make good use of the sun light in the morning. They believed that going out in the morning and working even before the sun rises would contribute such good effect to the skin. Hundreds years after the skin care tips was found, people have finally understood of why we have to take a good use of the sun light: Vitamin D. Vitamin D is very good for the skin, and therefore, absorbing vitamin D from the sun light in the morning is the best way.

Another skin care tips that also came from our ancestors are masks. Unlike the previous tips we have read above, the techniques of masking faces keep changing. Our ancestors used to use natural plants and vegetables that they combined by themselves to make good masks for their faces. Even in Egypt, the Queen was well-known of using gold as one of the ingredients in her masks. Nowadays, we do not use as much as gold as she used, but we adopt her trick by putting little element of gold inside the mask that is also combined with the vitamins and other things.

There are so many other skin care tips that not only came from our ancestors, but also the new ones that were inspired by natural skin care that our ancestors did. You can use any skin care products that you think suit you enough, but remember that you have to carefully understand what the skin wants. Too much chemical ingredients in a skin care product is not that good for the skin even if it says so.

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