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Aloe Vera Laxative

Tuesday, April 5th 2011. | Health

Aloe Vera Laxative – Constipation in children is a serious problem for every parent in this world. Of course constipation makes their children tortured because their kids can not defecate smoothly. Just like in adults, constipation in children is very terrified. They can feel very pain in their stomach because they very hard to push out the ossified feces. Constipation in children is caused by lack fibre in their body. Indeed children are dislike consuming vegetables, in fact vegetables is the big source of fiber. Because they lack of fiber, the feces are ossified inside the children’s digestive children. In fact the fiber is the supplier of vitamin and mineral that can nourish their body.

When the children get constipation, the parent become worried about their children condition and immediately take their children to the hospital or to the clinic. The doctor is usually give parent prescription to buy the laxative drugs in the drug store. Indeed, laxative is the fast way to heal constipation and the children will defecate immediately after they consume the laxative drugs. There are many kind of laxative brands that available in drug store. Some of them are made from natural ingredient. But does the parent know that the laxative drugs are not good for their children’s health actually? Well, laxative drugs have side effect such as make nausea and dizzy to their child also it is not good for their digestive system.

It is better for the parent to use traditional way to heal the constipation in their children. One of the benefits of aloe Vera is it can be the laxative. Aloe Vera laxative is very safe to consume especially for children. Aloe Vera contains a lot of fiber so that why aloe vera laxative is very effective. You can make the aloe Vera laxative juice for your children if they got constipation.

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