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FAQ Does Mascara Contain Formaldehyde ?

Saturday, April 23rd 2011. | Cosmetics

Does Mascara Contain Formaldehyde – Q: I scan with interest your article regarding the hazards of the Brazillian Blowout product. does one apprehend if a similar applies to the Keratin Treatments (Coppola Brand). If not, does one shrewdness i’d realize out? several thanks.

A: Thanks for your question.  It’s a matter on lots of people’s minds–and typically a difficult one to answer. it’d be nice if you’ll merely trust the companies’ promoting materials regarding whether or not or not formaldehyde is gift in their product. Ideally all firms promoting these hair-smoothing product would be upfront and honest regarding the ingredients in their product. sadly, as we’ve seen with Brazilian Blowout, there are some firms claiming to be formaldehyde-free when in reality they’re not.  And given the dearth of governmental regulation on these sorts of product, it casts doubt on
all the businesses that are creating formaldehyde-free claims.

As for your question regarding the Coppola whole, their Keratin advanced Smoothing Therapy product was tested by Oregon OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health), after they did their Brazilian Blowout testing.  I’ve connected the report which has the findings on page twenty four of the .pdf. They did realize that this product contained one.9% formaldehyde. this is often but the typical V-E Day formaldehyde found in Brazilian Blowout, however it actually doesn’t qualify as “formaldehyde-free”.  It seems that this whole was additionally tested in each France and eire, and has since been achieved the shelves in those countries.  (I have connected a listing created by the French Health Agency, of hair smoothing product that are recalled.)  However, I can’t make sure if the formulation utilized in alternative countries is that the same as is employed within the U.S.

We hope that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) can take up this issue and establish some laws to shield customers and salon employees from product containing harmful levels of formaldehyde.  I encourage you to affix us in soliciting for this and send an email to the FDA.

Q: will nail polish stay toxic over time? for instance, if you get a pedicure and you permit the polish on for 2 months is that worse for you than taking the polish off right away? And is nail polish remover toxic as well?

A: sensible question!  Its laborious to mention specifically, as I couldn’t realize lots of analysis on how well the chemicals in nail polish (like toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate) absorb through a fingernail.

Certainly the best risk of exposure happens when the nail polish is being painted on. The nail polish remains liquid at this time, and also the chemicals like toluene and formaldehyde are gassing off as you apply the polish, (that nail polish smell!) thus there’s a decent likelihood then of respiration them in. the parents most prone to these fumes are the nail salon employees who do multiple manicures and pedicures each day -because they get far more exposure than the typical individual who will their nails solely each once in an exceedingly whereas.

Once the nail polish is dry, there would be significantly less gassing off, however I suppose there can be some potential for chemicals to be absorbed through the fingernail.  The dibutyl phthalate may be a plasticizing chemical -
which would still be gift within the dried nail polish.  Its unclear what proportion you’d absorb through your fingernail, or the skin around your nails, in all probability not that abundant. thus technically, the longer you’ve got the nail polish on your nails the a lot of chance there’s to soak up a lot of chemicals. however since there’s comparatively very little exposure at this stage, the distinction of many days or weeks is maybe negligible.

Nail polish remover will even have its toxic chemicals in it.  Most nail polish remover is formed with acetone that is an irritant (you apprehend this from its smell as well). Acetone may be a serious industrial solvent chemical – that is required to interrupt down the nail polish so as to get rid of it. There are different kinds of acetone-free nail polish remover, however I haven’t heard that the chemicals in those are far better than acetone, simply totally different.  Again, the chance there’s mainly through inhaling the chemicals once you are using the nail polish remover – and also the larger risk happens in people operating with the things all day long.

Q: will WVE have an adult and baby sunscreen recommendation?

A: Thanks for your question. we all know that sun exposure will cause skin injury, which might have serious ramifications, like skin cancer, down the road. we tend to do have issues but with a number of the chemicals commonly utilized in sunscreens, and what effects they’ll be having. whereas WVE doesn’t build any specific recommendations on sunscreen we are able to recommend 2 nice resources on this subject.

GoodGuide.com recently rated sunscreens and offers their best bets:


Environmental operating cluster has additionally revealed a sunscreen guide the previous few years – here’s a link to that information:


Hope these resources are helpful to you!

Q: I’ve scan that O.P.I’s polishes don’t contain and haven’t contained formaldeyhde. however I simply bought an O.P.I. nail polish and browse the ingredients, and it contains formaldehyde resin. Clearly O.P.I. isn’t as involved regarding the health of their customers as they thus claim in their statement from 2007.

A: nice to ascertain that you just are checking labels and desirous to keep these firms on their toes! we tend to had a similar question for OPI a minute ago, once we additionally noticed the inclusion of “formaldehyde resin” in their ingredients.

Turns out, formaldehyde resin and formaldehyde are quite various things. whereas there’s sensible science showing that formaldehyde exposure will cause health issues (including cancer),  formaldehyde resin doesn’t seem to own a similar impact.  As I know it, formaldehyde is employed to create formaldehyde resin, however the ensuing resin doesn’t really contain any formaldehyde.

Here are 2 links to the Skin Deep Database describing the potential health impacts of those 2 ingredients:

Formaldehyde resin:




Thanks most for your attention to detail.  Hope this answers your question regarding OPI’s ingredients.

Q: will WVE have any truth sheets or information on one,4 dioxane?  My husband helps the native co-ops draft a policy on one,4 dioxane with reference to selling cosmetics that may contain it.

A:  1,4 dioxane may be a chemical that’s found to contaminate sure beauty product. it’s not an ingredient you’d realize on the label, however it’s a priority, as a result of it’s thought-about a probable human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Your best bet is to see out a number of the commonly asked queries (FAQ) on one,4 dioxane found on the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics web site.  These pages are jam-packed with info on what we all know regarding one,4 dioxane, why it’s a hazard, and what sorts of product you would possibly realize it in.  And there are links to a lot of info moreover. Here are the 2 pages to seem at:

1,4 Dioxane: truth Sheet


1,4 Dioxane: commonly asked queries


Q: i’m reaching to a secure cosmetics workshop next week in Cambridge, MA and needed to seek out out that Cosmetic firms have trace amounts of mercury (Hg)  in their mascara. Is it true the a lot of waterproof the mascara the a lot of toxic it’s, and therefore has a lot of mercury? thanks and your internet website has some nice info, I signed up for the newsletters.

A: I’m afraid I don’t have a full list of mascaras that contain mercury.  (I haven’t seen any list that’s been compiled in any case.) there’s one whole of mascara containing mercury listed within the Skin Deep database (available at www.safecosmetics.org) that is:

Paula Dorf Cake Mascara for Eyes, Foxy
Paula Dorf Cake Mascara for Eyes, Raven

But there is also others out there, that merely aren’t within the database.

As I know it, the mercury that’s added isn’t added to create the mascara waterproof.  The mercury is added within the sort of thimerosal, that is an antimicrobial preservative. thus it’s added to eye product (sometimes eye drops and get in touch with resolution, and mascara) to create it last longer within the bottle, and that i suppose to assist forestall the likelihood of eye infections.  There are in fact lots of mascaras that use non-mercury preservatives, that is actually the higher thanks to go.

As for whether or not waterproof mascaras are a lot of toxic, I’m very unsure.  I’m afraid I haven’t seen any analysis on what the chemicals are that cause the waterproofing.  I will tell you though that there isn’t a link between waterproof mascara having a lot of mercury, that simply isnt essentially the case.

Q: simply looked over your web site and that i love your programs! I attempt to host a inexperienced Cleaning Party this fall.

I wonder – have you ever thought-about beginning a inexperienced Cosmetics Party program? I’ve been creating my very own lotions for many years currently, and it’s not that troublesome (very just like creating mayonnaise). whereas making face makeup is beyond the vary of most “kitchen chemists”, freshly-made skin lotions, creams, facials, hair treatments and such are attainable and preferable to the chemical-laden (and expensive!) product on the foodstuff shelf.

You have in all probability thought of all this before. I simply need to feature a voice saying i feel it’d be a helpful addition to your wonderful mission. Thanks for all that you’re doing.

A:  Thanks for your email.  Glad to listen to you may be hosting a inexperienced Cleaning Party, they’re millions of fun!

And thanks for your plan on the inexperienced Cosmetics Party. nice minds suppose alike – as yes – we’ve thought of this concept.  As a founding member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, we’ve been operating with the campaign to work out ways that to attach the 2 forms of parties. we expect it’d be an excellent followup for folk who have done inexperienced Cleaning Parties and are wondering what they’ll do next!

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics features a “Makeover Kit” that may be a guide to hosting a healthy cosmetics party, together with sample recipes, party tips, links to academic tools and alternative resources. you’ll be able to download the Makeover kit from Campaign for Safe Cosmetics web site on their materials page: http://safecosmetics.live.radicaldesigns.org/article.php?id=301

Q: simply how dangerous is it if I visit a hair salon & breathe their toxic fumes for one hour per month ?

A: Thanks for your question.  And as you would possibly expect, the most effective answer is “it depends”.

Generally, a visit once a month to a median hair salon for a median healthy person, is unlikely to cause any damage, apart from maybe delicate irritation at the fumes usually gift in hair salons from the mixture of product used. There are some things that might be a lot of dangerous but.

In most states there aren’t any needed ventilation standards for hair or beauty salons. thus if you’re in an exceedingly little salon with minimal ventilation, the likelihood of fumes increase to a a lot of vital level over the day increase.  The fumes and attainable mixture of chemicals additionally increase betting on the services offered at the salon.  Services like perms and nail care (manicures, acrylic nails) can increase the range of toxic chemicals gift within the air which could cause health impacts.

The other major issue is that the health standing of the client.  Conditions like asthma or alternative respiration issues may well be exacerbated by chemicals in an exceedingly salon, betting on the degree in an exceedingly salon, and also the severity of the disease within the person. that the impacts might vary from no response to delicate wheezing to a full blown asthma attack, that in fact is kind of dangerous. additionally for pregnant ladies and tiny kids, there may be terribly sensitive short-term timeframes of development where the developing kid is way a lot of prone to the impact of chemicals than at alternative times. it’s terribly troublesome to check this and be ready to confirm that exposures might need caused that impacts, thus there isn’t any analysis to substantiate issues. however several folks like better to avoid chemical exposure throughout these sensitive times from a precautionary standpoint.

Generally we’ve bigger issues for the workers in salons who are exposed all day each day to varying levels and mixtures of chemicals, and for whom there’s analysis to substantiate concern regarding health impacts.


Source : Women’s Voice



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