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What is this thing called plastic surgeon?

Wednesday, April 13th 2011. | Cosmetics

What is a plastic surgeon – I am sure many imaginary pictures come into our mind when we heard the word of plastic surgery. This word plastic actually does not mean that an individual who went through such surgical procedure will end up with their face or body full or artificial fake products or implants as so to say. The word plastic used in this term is not mean the material being used for this kind of surgical procedure comes or made out of plastic, or similar to this material. The word plastic came from the Greek word PALASTICOS which means to mold or form. The same word is the one where the word plastic comes from too. So, what is a plastic surgeon then? Here are some to answers that question.

Plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure that one individual undergo in attempt to involve their physical appearance as well as ability to function. So the answer to this question is not always related with the stereotypical Holywood’s artist imaginary pictures when they want to reshape or change any part of their body just for the sake of physical appearance only. There are certainly more than just that when we talked about plastic surgeon.

So I am sure you know the answer of what is a plastic surgeon now. Retain or regain certain body part functionality is also can be considered as one of the purpose for plastic surgeon. There is a story of 4 years old young boy needs to have his chin reformed into their initial shape and form after an accident where he got bitten by a dog. The regained functionality of certain body part is also considered in the plastic surgeon purpose. So, the question of what is a plastic surgeon has now answered, because there is no plastic involvement at all in any of cosmetic or plastic surgery although there is a plastic word at it.

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