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How To Choose Aftershave

Thursday, May 19th 2011. | Skin Care

One of good skin care is after doing the shaving process we should use the aftershave. Many benefits will we get to use aftershave as to prevent the bacteria that cause infections in the shaving area. A good aftershave that has antiseptic properties to kill bacteria and has a skin moisturizing element.

There are three main things we have to consider in the selection of aftershave:
1. The main thing is to make your skin anlisa first. Is your skin prone to acne, oily or dry? After that, find aftershave that specially formulated to address these issues skins.

2. Consider also the regular cologne smell of the wearer. Customize it well, because some aftershave has the smell was terrible and hard for the lose. We suggest you choose a scent that does not have an alcohol content that is too high.

3. Always make sure that you use aftershave that containing moisturizer. Because many people say an alcohol can close the pores and prevent razor burn or rash. This does not make sense, since when closed pores are a good thing? So aftershave moisturizer in it is the most important thing. Actually alcohol in aftershave just as an antiseptic.

In conclusion, aftershave is not a luxury product, but a crucial step in the shaving process. Aftershaves Provide safety from bacteria infecting small cuts. Aftershaves cans Also Provide relief from common skin afflictions Such as dry skin, razor burn, and calm skin after the trauma of shaving. Most popular cologne brands will from have an aftershave product available, and be careful to not confuse with eau de cologne, aftershave. To find the right aftershave, start by looking for one to address any skin issues, match the scent or go scentless, and be sure the product includes a moisturizer.

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