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Natural Tighten Facial Skin

Friday, May 27th 2011. | Facial

Tighten Facial Skin – Looking for the simplest way to enhance the elasticity and therefore the firmness of your facial skin while not surgery or pricey doctor visits? scan the steps during this article and that i can show you ways to forestall tighten facial skin and increase the firmness of your skin.

tighten facial skin1. The best way to avoid loose facial skin is prevention. Start by avoiding too much exposure to sunlight or UV light caused by tanning beds. If you should be exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time, use sunscreen always. Also, remove any and all makeup before going to bed.

2. Exercise regular. This causes an increase in circulation, which naturally tones the skin. Eat a balanced diet and avoid foods high in sugar. Drink plenty of fluids. You can never drink too much water for your skin. So keep it hydrated and it will glow. Treat your pores to some hot steam. You can take a towel, moisten it and pop it in the microwave for about 2 minutes or until warm. Place over your entire face and relax. This will open your pores and loosen any dirt or oil buildup. It also firms the skin and shrinks pore size causing skin to look smooth and firm.

3. Try doing a routine facial massage every night before going to bed for about 5-10 minutes. Always massage your face in an upward motion. Gravity constantly pulls down on your skin daily, causing it to become saggy in the future. Fight back. Be sure to massage your neck as well. This is very important because the neck area is often neglected. Anytime you apply a moisturizer to your face, be sure to apply it to your neck as well, always massaging upward.

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