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Thursday, May 5th 2011. | Skin Care

Obagi Skin Care – Obagi skin care merchandise are developed and created to treat severe skin issues and aging. The skin care system is taken into account of prescription strength though the corporate contains a line of merchandise that don’t need a prescription. The Obagi skin care line work in correcting the signs associated with numerous skin conditions and aging, stop any longer harm to the skin. it’s an outsized however growing line of creams, cleansers, serums, toners and an entire ton additional, expertly created and guaranteed safe to be used on the skin.

The company merchandise contains Obagi skin care kits or complete systems devised to require care of the skin. There are various merchandise that work to correct the signs of aging, repair skin harm at any level additionally as maintain skin health. Competitors of the Obagi system have solely been effective in masking or hiding the harm to the skin. On the opposite hand, the Obagi line of skin care systems attend work a lot of deeper, at the cellular level, so as to repair any skin issues or conditions.

One of the popular systems under the line of Obagi products is the Nu-Derm Stem. This is a system marketed for individuals suffering from moderate to extreme cases of sun damage. The numerous products under this system are effective in reducing fine lines as well as wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tone and even freckles. These products also increase skin elasticity, making the individual look younger and more radiant. As the products work at the cellular level, the substances help increase the production and growth of new cells, levels of elastin and collagen in the skin and moisturizing it along the way. The Nu-Derm System is expected to produce results around six weeks of consistent use. Comparing Obagi skin care before and after use, individuals will be able to notice or feel that their skin is softer and younger looking after using the product.

Another system which is making waves in the market is the Obagi-C Rx System. This line of products is devised for individuals who have mild to moderate levels of skin damage. It is successful in evening skin tone by correcting age spots and freckles. At a cellular level, the products influence the produce of melanin and collagen in skin, improving skin radiance in the process. Although almost all skin care product claims to contain vitamin C, in comparison to their competitors, the Obagi line contains a much higher dose of the vitamin. Users of the system will begin to experience and see results within just a few weeks. However, the strength of the dosage of some of the ingredients may cause short term skin irritation. Consumers are advised to consult with a dermatologist for any persistent issues with any of the products under the line.

The Obagi Professional C-Serum line is concerned with providing consumers with more Vitamin C for their skin. The additional levels of Vitamin C help increase the production of collagen in the skin, evening out the tone. It works in reducing the signs of aging as well as protecting the skin from any potential future damage. The items under this system contain a form of Vitamin C known as ascorbic acid, making it easier for the skin to absorb the nutrient.

For consumers that are still unsure of the effectiveness of the products, there are numerous sites online where consumers can find Obagi skin care reviews. Here, consumers can read more on the available products being offered by the company, the advantages and the effects experienced by different consumers. Although Obagi products are considered safe for use, a consultation with a dermatologist will help consumers determine which product is most suitable for their skin condition.


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