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Friday, May 6th 2011. | Skin Care

Osea Skin Care – Osea could be a nail clipping company founded within the 1990’s by Jenefer Palmer. The inspiration for Osea began in her home. She created the merchandise line at home in her kitchen. Palmer claims that each one of the minerals and ingredients in Osea’s product are 100 percent natural. apart from 2 of her things, they’re derived from seaweed and alternative ocean oils and elements. even if, the natural compounds return from the ocean, the corporate states that they failed to use ocean wildlife in any means, creating the merchandise cruelty-free. Osea skin treatment product claim to be composed of the purest ingredients. the corporate has achieved some success, as well as awards for Overall Best Product and Rising Star of Beauty.

The product lines advertised include moisturizers, cleansers and lotions. Various other products can also be found from the Osea official website. Along with purchasing products from their website, an individual can choose to partake in the company’s “virtual spa.” The spa allows people to explore their skin and find the best method for taking proper care for their skin’s unique textures. Osea’s website also permits a person to view each product in detail. They will be able to read the ingredients as well as understand the benefits of each item. Osea has been recognized in the press through various newspaper reports and magazines.

Osea’s product price range varies between $10 to $100. They offer pre-selected travel kits, masks and bath merchandise. The company is very straightforward in their product line. However, a return policy of any kind does not seem to be available.


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