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Natural Makeup – Nature’s Skin Care Product

Sunday, June 12th 2011. | Makeup Tips

Natural Makeup – Millions of girls all round the world use skin care product on a usual. it’s been estimated that the typical lady uses twenty completely different skin care product every day. several of those product contain harmful chemicals that may cause serious health issues. In most cases, girls are unknowingly putting their health in jeopardy by using skin care product with artificial ingredients. Ingredients like phthatales, paraben preservatives, formaldehyde, amines, and propylene or butylene glycol will negatively impact a woman’s health. These ingredients found in skin care product and makeup will cause things like skin irritation or perhaps breast cancer.

Natural Makeup vs. Other Makeup:

natural makeupNatural makeup does not contain any synthetic ingredients such as chemicals, additives, fragrances, fillers, oil, talc, animal by=-products, dyes, or other manufactured ingredients that could have negative health effects. Natural skin products normally use only organic type ingredients like pure mineral pigments from metal ores and iron oxide. Because this makeup is not made with any synthetic ingredients, it is allergen-free and will not irritate the skin like other types of makeup. It can function as a concealer, foundation, and powder. This option of make up holds well to the skin. This reduces the need for several applications instead of just one or having to touch up during the day. Unlike other skin products, natural makeup will not irritate the skin or cause skin problems such as acne, dry skin, and clogged pores.

Benefits of Natural Makeup:

Because natural makeup can be used in many ways, it has a high level of versatility. Because of its versatility, women may find that they save money by using it. It’s easy to apply and will not run or smear. Even through this makeup might seem powdery at the time of initial application, it quickly settles in with the natural oils of the skin creating a fresh, youthful appearance throughout the day. Natural makeup allows the skin to breath. It can also act as a sunscreen because of the natural reflective coating contained in the product. Natural makeup is anti-allergen; therefore, it is safe even for sensitive skin.

Types of Natural Makeup:

Since natural makeup is made of ground-up, concentrated mineral pigments, these products can be purchased in various shades. There are several types of natural makeup products that are available in addition to mineral powders or foundations. Other natural makeup products include things such as: lip gloss, lip liner, mascara, lip colour, faux tan, blush, eye liner, eye colour, and brow colour. Natural anti aging products are also available.


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