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Natural Mineral Makeup is a Boon Indeed!

Friday, June 24th 2011. | Makeup Tips

Natural Mineral Makeup – It has continually been said and is additionally proven that natural mineral makeup product are far better as compared to the other. this is often a real truth for all types of product offered within the market, cosmetic or others. So, whereas choosing out beauty product, it’s continually preferable to travel the natural approach than the other. it’s safe and provides the simplest results.


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Nature’s approach with Cosmetics

Mineral primarily based makeup that is natural is indeed a boon for all girls who use cosmetics. it’s utterly natural and is formed from finely milled ores of minerals found within the earth’s crust. conjointly these cosmetics are a complete distinction to the substitute chemical cosmetics, as they’re inexperienced and eco-friendly, not like those cosmetics created and utilized by girls previously.

Advantages of Natural Makeup

There are plenty of benefits to using natural makeup, a few of which are:

• Toxic chemicals and compounds are absent in mineral makeup and also they are not mass produced, as are those produced chemically in laboratories.

• This makeup is free from preservatives, bacteria, pesticides etc. as it does not contain pure organic substances.

• Mineral based makeup does not contain animal extracts and is not tested on animals, so no animals are harmed during its production.

• Mineral makeup is relatively safer for skin. The use of mineral based makeup does not cause skin irritation, acne or rashes. Mineral powders are so safe and mild that they are being used in baby sunscreens as well.

• Today mineral sun protection has gained popularity. This is because when minerals like titanium oxide and zinc oxides are used in the correct proportion in cosmetics, they block the harmful UV rays of the sun and thus act as natural sunscreens.

• This makeup can stay on for a longer period of time in different weathers as it is water resistant.

• The shimmer is harmless if zinc and titanium are added in the correct quantities as prescribed by the FDA.

• Mineral makeup is available for different skin types and tones.

• One can try new combinations by mixing and matching to get that perfect look.

• Mineral based makeup does not get caked on application as it is available in loose and powdered form.

• A natural look as well as a silky finish is provided by natural mineral makeup .

• Most of the top cosmetic companies all over the world produce mineral makeup as it proves more economical for manufacturing and so is easily available in the market.


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