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Strech Mark Laser Removal

Saturday, June 18th 2011. | Health

Strech Mark Laser Removal – A revolutionary treatment for the removal of stretch is that the laser surgery. it’s a non-invasive procedure that repairs the broken collagen located beneath our skin that causes stretch mark formation. This doesn’t cause any damage to our body nonetheless this is often an unpleasant read particularly for girls who are terribly tuned in to their look. These could also be attributable to pregnancy, speedy weight furthermore as weight loss. These stretch mark are generally seen within the buttocks, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, arms, and hips.

Stretch Mark Laser RemovalStretch Mark Laser Removal Procedure

During the procedure on stretch mark laser removal, a beam of light will be utilized to remove the thin layers of skin located around the marks. Since this is an invasive procedure, instead of cutting the skin open or burning it, it utilizes an ultraviolet laser light to in the disruption of the skin tissue’s molecular bonds. Once the procedure is done, the skin will then heal thus new layers of skin will form. Expectedly, stretched marks will be removed and a healthy and new layer of skin will be the outcome.

After the Stretch Mark Laser Removal Procedure

You will notice that after the procedure, the area treated will appear red and tender. The reason behind is that a new skin is in its process of growth after the scarred skin was removed. Other symptoms you may experience are blistering, and symptoms found in burnt skin which is just temporary. Most of the patients heal from this procedure after a several days while some may heal after a few weeks especially those who underwent extensive treatment.

The success of this procedure depends on the prevalence as well as the age of the stretch marks laser removal. Therefore, the older the stretch marks, the more difficult it is to treat than the young ones. This procedure may be repeated 10 times for stretch marks to be totally removed. In some serious cases, stretch marks may only be reduced visibly and not totally eradicated.

Stretch mark laser removal may cost around $200 dollars depending on the severity and the country you are going to have your treatment. Typically, you will pay every time you have your treatment rather than in a package deal. That’s why this is considered the most expensive stretch mark removal procedure. Aside form that, there are risk that accompany such procedure like superficial tissue damage due to mishandled laser. Therefore, you should seek treatment on a certified cosmetic dermatologist. Other risks include blistering as well as negative reactions to the procedure.


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