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Unibrow Removal Tips

Saturday, June 18th 2011. | Facial

Unibrow Removal – I needs you to be comfy together with your bodies. however your unibrow makes me uncomfortable. you’re presupposed to have 2 eyebrows. 2 is healthier than one. The more, the merrier. Let Mister personal get you, and your eyebrows, back to form.

If you’re a woman, I would recommend going to your local salon. Most women have their eyebrows “done,” so it’s not very embarrassing. You’ll have several options: waxing, plucking or threading. Waxing can be less precise. Plucking and threading, although they are slower and slightly more painful processes, will give you the best results. Plucking and threading also cost more money. unibrow removalOnce a professional gives your eyebrows the perfect shape, you can easily maintain your look by getting a cheap pair of tweezers and touching up your eyebrows at home. But don’t go overboard! Know when to step away from the tweezers.

Men don’t have it so easy. Most men just run a razor over their unibrow while they’re shaving. Mister Private deems this a bad decision. You can always tell when a man has done this. Furthermore, the hair grows back all at once, giving you a five o’clock shadow in between your eyes. You could buy a pair of tweezers or a waxing kit and work from home. You probably aren’t going for a very manicured look, so you should be able to remove your unibrow, at the very least, by yourself. You could ask a (girl) friend who you trust to help you. Women love to play beauty shop. Also, men, you shouldn’t be ashamed to go to a salon. Most people who work in salons have seen all sorts of bad hair situations. You won’t be the first or the last.

Finally, an option for both women and men to consider is electrolysis, or laser hair removal. It’s a permanent solution for hair removal. It is expensive, however, costing up to hundreds of dollars for each session (and you will need several sessions). But think of the embarrassment it can save you.


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