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Why Use Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

Friday, June 17th 2011. | Cosmetics

Best Mascara – Because of allergies i have to use mascara for sensitive eyes. I recognized regarding the condition such as you conclude regarding most allergies. throughout the course of the day, my eyes would become red and irritated. My 1st assumption was that it had been the mascara thus I switched brands….about four times. Nothing gave the impression to facilitate and whereas at the doctor for a check-up i assumed i’d raise. I happened to wear mascara that day and my eyes were setting out to itch.

best mascara The recommendation from the doctor was to get some mascara for sensitive eyes. He said that there were some that were specially formulated for my condition. He also highly recommended that I try out some of the Organic Mascara brands that were on the market. He stated that he had several patients that had good results with Organic mascara for sensitive eyes. He said that regular mascara had a lot of preservatives and other chemicals that caused problems for some women’s eyes. He even told me about a mascara blacklist of ingredients that cause problems for our eyes. You can actually find that list on my website.

I had always purchased my mascara at a large local department store. I decided to look for organic mascara online. It is so much easier to find the ingredients online and then check to see what kind of effects the mascara might have on sensitive eyes. It was pleasantly surprised to learn that there were several different manufacturers of mascara for sensitive eyes.

Even if something is organic, it does not mean that it can’t also be a volumizing mascara or a waterproof mascara. Some of the best mascara I have purchased is not only waterproof mascara but it is also a mascara for sensitive eyes. You do need to be check the ingredients on even organic products as some plants and minerals still may cause you allergies but I have not yet personally had that problem. Mascara with poison ivy is going to cause problems. Of course that is NOT an ingredient in any mascara I am aware of, it does drive the point home that just because something is organic, does not mean its 100% good for you.

The most common question I get is in regard to cost. I do spend more on organic mascara than on the regular mascara. The same 8 dollars I used to spend now costs me 12 to 15 dollars. I don’t mind paying the extra money for two important reasons. The first is that my eyes are no longer irritated. The other is more basic though as I feel a lot better about using organic mascara and knowing that I am not applying some harsh chemicals to my eyes. There used to be mercury in mascara to help kill germs. Do you know what is in regular mascara that you are using today? have you put unknown chemicals on your skin? Do you have mascara blacklisted chemicals on your face right now? I know what is in my mascara for sensitive eyes and I would encourage you to do the same.


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