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Why You Should Choose Natural Makeup

Saturday, June 25th 2011. | Makeup Tips

Natural Makeup – A lot of environmentalists have long been advocating the concept of going inexperienced and caring for Mother Nature. Did you recognize that albeit you are not an environmental activist you’ll still facilitate in caring for Mother Nature in your own way? that is right, you’ll play an enormous half in caring for the environment by the alternatives you create and also the merchandise you patronize.

natural makeupOne of these products is natural cosmetics . Using such cosmetics is actually better for your skin, your health, and even the environment. Plus, these products are not tested on animals either. It’s a fairly simple choice to make if you ask me.

A closer look at natural makeup actually reveals specific benefits that you and your skin are certain to see after using it several times. Here are a few good reasons why the next time you shop for cosmetics, you should choose the natural ones over those that contain chemicals and other harmful ingredients:

* Your skin will experience fewer breakouts than before.
This is probably the best benefit you and your skin will experience when you switch from chemical based cosmetics to the natural ones. It is every woman’s nightmare to find a pimple on their face when they have a big date, a job interview, and almost every other scenario when you’re expected to feel and look your best. Believe it or not, a pimple can actually affect your overall self esteem. The thing with chemical based cosmetics is that most of these products are oil based, which basically clogs up your pores and make you more prone to breakouts. On the other hand, most natural makeup is water based which does not clog your pores at all.

* Natural cosmetics are not tested on animals.
As mentioned above, natural makeup is not tested on animals. Contrary to chemical based cosmetics which are tested on animals to see if these will have any adverse effects on humans, natural cosmetics does not need to be tested on animals at all because they are chemical free and the ingredients do not pose any risk to humans who use and wear it. Most natural cosmetics are made from organic materials and thus, there is no need to test these products on animals first as they pose no risk or threat to the humans who will use them.

* Natural cosmetics are less expensive.
What’s great about natural cosmetics is that since they are made from organic materials, they are less expensive to make and these savings are passed on to the consumers like you and me. With natural cosmetics , there is no need for any expensive laboratory tests, especially on animals, chemicals, and other preservatives and ingredients that are needed by cosmetics that include chemicals. Plus, if you were to search online, you would find several recipes for do-it-yourself natural cosmetics that won’t bust your budget.These are just some of the good reasons why you should make the switch to natural cosmetics today.


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