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Choosing the Best Breast Implant Profile For You

Saturday, July 16th 2011. | Health
Best Breast Implants – When selecting breast implant profiles for your individual wants, there are many factors to contemplate like body kind and frame.  Though breast augmentation has been a preferred for several years, not till recently have patients had the choice of discussing breast implant profiles with their plastic surgeon.

Previously, after you selected a selected size of implant for your individual wants (despite your frame or body type), you’d receive a predetermined quantity of forward projection from that size of implant.  Now, however, you’ll opt for the scale, and, additionally, will have that size implant stick out additional or but the bottom diameter would typically dictate.

best breast implantsThis individualized process allows a wider variety of body types and frames that people may have to look more natural with the augmentation.  Breast implant profiles vary in forward projection, and include low profile breast implants, moderate profile, and high profile.  The moderate plus profile is also available through the Mentor implant line. Moderate Plus is an implant profile set between moderate and high profile implants.Implant Profiles: Moderate

Typically, moderate breast implant profiles are used on normal frames and body types. The base diameter can generally work for most body types. However, with the more individualized choices available, those with wider or narrower frames and body types may want to consider lower and higher breast implant profiles.  If choosing an implant profile that is more individualized for your particular frame and body type, there are a few factors to consider.

Though moderate breast implant profiles may work for women with very narrow frames and result in the desired size, they have the potential to be too wide and run the risk or carrying the implant too far towards the cleavage and underarm. By implementing a high profile, women with narrow frames can obtain the larger size they desire, with breasts that will not be wide for their narrow frames. Choosing high profile implants for narrow frames results in a more natural looking breast.

Implant Profiles: High

Furthermore, a patient with a wider set frame or larger body type may find that high profile implants (and occasionally even moderate profile) may give the patient the desired size, but may not have the base diameter sufficient enough to cover the natural diameter of her breast size. In such a case a moderate to low implant profile (depending on the frame) would provide the patient with an implant that has suitable projection for her frame and a large enough base diameter to cover natural diameter of her breasts.

Generally, moderate breast implant profiles are labeled as the normal profile. With more projection per measurement of the base diameter when compared to moderate or low profile breast implants, high profile implants may reduce visible rippling due to the added height of the side wall of the implant (which is necessary to create the higher profile). Low profile implants, on the contrary, have less projection per measurement of base diameter when compared to the moderate or high profile versions.

It is important to note, however, that even though higher profile implants may reduce visible rippling, this does not mean that low profile implants will create more visible rippling. And of course, when considering implant options, it is always important to discuss your breast implant profile options with your plastic surgeon.

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