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Female Hair Loss Solution – How Rogaine For Women Can Work

Tuesday, July 19th 2011. | Hair Care
Hair Loss Solution – As the solely FDA approved feminine hair loss answer, Rogaine for ladies has demonstrated its effectiveness in promoting hair regrowth throughout clinical trials. many ladies have conjointly experienced success with it. during this article, we glance at how this topical answer may slot in together with your treatment commit to gain back your hair growth.

Rogaine for ladies is one amongst the foremost fashionable feminine hair loss solutions. Minoxidil is that the main active medical ingredient and this has been used to treat male pattern baldness for years and has shown nice success. Currently, it’s on the market during a less targeted type for women’s loss of hair treatment. Since it’s the sole FDA approved treatment for hair thinning and loss in girls, we all know that there are positive clinical trials backing up the product’s efficacy.
hair loss solutionWhile there are many causes for loss, Rogaine is often prescribed across a wide variety of causes. Like any type of medication for loss of hair, it does not always work 100% of the time, even with the clinical trial data backing it up. That is why although the solution is available over the counter, a visit to a doctor or dermatologist for a professional diagnosis is recommended. He or she may be able to provide additional tips and guidance.

Sometimes other forms of treatments are also needed if a patient’s scalp does not respond. Here are some of the leading causes for loss and the treatments where Rogaine could be applied.

Rogaine For Women More Diluted Than For Men To Suit A Lady’s Scalp

Pattern baldness is what is most often seen in men, and it hurts women as well. The symptoms are less severe in men than in women. For men, the Rogaine solution is 5% in concentration, for women, it is more diluted at 2% in concentration.

Loose anagen alopecia is a disorder seen when women comb their hair and an excess of hair becomes accumulated on the comb. In this case, if not caused by an underlying disease, topical solutions has been known to be successful in certain cases.

Also, Minoxidil could help thicken the hair for those suffering from androgenetic alopecia. This form of hair shedding is often caused by genetics. It could also arise from hormonal imbalances in the body.

An autoimmune alopecia disorder could cause a woman’s hair to fall out either slowly or in patches. Obviously some of the solutions will not work without treatment. Depending on the amount of loss and corrective treatment for the problem, Rogaine for women can be of assistance for the hair and is sometimes prescribed alongside other female hair loss solutions.

Unfortunately, for women who are suffering from some sort of trauma to the head, such as scarring or having been burned, the hair follicles may be so damaged that they cannot be stimulated for healthy hair regrowth by a topical solution like Rogaine. Surgical treatment and perhaps transplants may have to be done. In this case, you want to discuss with the physician on whether Minoxidil for women would help or if other kinds of solutions would come into play.

When it comes to finding the best female hair loss solutions, Rogaine for women has been demonstrated to work in many cases, based on clinical trial data and user testimonials. You may not see immediate results as it could several months to work. You may also want to consider searching out a specialist who can discuss your particular needs and help tailor an individualized treatment plan to suit your body and scalp conditions.


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