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Laser Hair Removal Pricing – Your Ultimate Guide!

Monday, July 18th 2011. | Hair Care
Laser Hair Removal Pricing – How much is one session of laser removing treatment? indeed, you’ll never notice a regular laser hair removal pricing anywhere. this is often as a result of lots of things can influence the worth of the treatment.

This article can scrutinize some common factors that the clinic can use to calculate the laser hair removal pricing:
1) How qualified is the specialist? Has he gone through the proper training on handling the laser system? Is he a certified professional? Usually, the price for a doctor to operate the laser surgery in comparison to a technician varies quite a lot.

Laser Hair Removal Pricing2) The amount of hair you are removing. Yes! Laser hair removal pricing is greatly influenced by the total area of unwanted hair you are operating. (example: permanent facial vs permanent body hair removal) The doctor will need to point the laser probe on each of the hair follicle, thus the pricing will be higher if you have a larger number of unwanted hair to get rid of. In fact, you will need to attend more session of treatments. (which cost $400 – $500 per treatment)

3) How old is the laser removing technology will also affect the laser hair removal pricing! In general, the older machine is slower and required you to go for a few extra sessions of treatments. The new technology should operate faster and safer in removing the unwanted hair from your skin. Thus, it is important to compare the laser equipments that the clinic is using.

4) By Location. A luxury medical spa will usually charge more in comparison to a normal clinic – it is only recommended for people who have the extra budget!

Different clinic also charged differently. Laser hair removal pricing varies quite a lot, and they are affected by the follow factors:

1) Per Time Basis
- Example: The clinic will charge you each laser hair treatment by per 15 minutes blocks. Thus, the larger the treatment area, the more expensive will be the session. In this case, it is also advisable to check their technology. The newer machine is usually faster, and you should be able to save more time and money – paying lower laser hair removal pricing.

2) Per Pulse Basis
- Based on per firing of the laser pulse. The price is charged by the number of pulse the specialist use for each treatment. In general, the cost will be higher for treatment on a larger area.

As you can see, the laser removal prices are influenced by many factors. Different clinic will charge you differently. It is recommended that you visit a few more clinics to compare their cost and to enquiry on the technology or machine that they are currently using.

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