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Laser Stretch Marks Removal

Sunday, July 31st 2011. | Health

Laser Stretch Marks – Stretch marks are the results of sudden weight changes like people who occur in pregnancy. These ugly marks are literally scars below the highest layer of skin that also are known as striae. These scars are the results of speedy growth of the tissue whereas the skin hasn’t grown as quickly. The skin finally ends up with little ridges that the body repairs with new skin growth that become scars. These might begin as dark purplish marks that eventually flip a silvery color. The skin conjointly features a totally different consistency with the areas being more durable and dryer than surrounding skin.

Laser Stretch MarksWhat is Laser Treatment?

One way to reduce or eliminate scars and stretch marks is by laser stretch mark removal. Lasers are tiny light beams that the surgeon uses to regenerate the damaged skin, effectively blasting away scar tissue and marks. The disruption of these scar tissues will help the skin regrow normally and thus eliminate scar damage. After laser stretch mark removal the skin will be softer and will have the same color as the surrounding skin areas. Lasers will help eliminate uneven colors caused by scar tissue under the skin.

A dermatologist or doctor can perform laser removal of stretch marks in their office. Most people require several or more treatments to remove all the striae that they have. Each procedure may last from 15 minutes to an hour. After the laser treatment the skin may be red, however this will fade in the next day. The result will be a more even skin tone and a softer and more normal feel to the skin. Most people are surprised at how easy and painless laser procedures are.

How Does Laser Stretch Mark Removal Work?

Laser surgery stretch mark removal is a fast and easy way to get rid of stretch mark scars for good. Creams and lotions can work but they usually take a long time for you to see results. Laser treatment offers a faster and pain-free way to remove stretch marks permanently. If you have large or deep marks or scars laser treatment may be the right method for you. After just several treatments you’ll likely begin to see a difference in the skin’s look and feel. The number of treatments you need will depend on your individual marks and will be recommended by the doctor.

After Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Once you’ve completed laser stretch mark removal you will need to treat the skin properly. The skin will be sensitive and you will need to keep the affected areas out of harmful sun exposure. It can be helpful to use lotions or creams that provide healthy nutrients as well as moisturizers to help the skin regain its elasticity. Your doctor will discuss the stretch marks removal treatments with you and suggest ongoing skin care options after the procedure is complete. Eating a proper diet, drinking enough water and getting plenty of exercise will all contribute to healthy skin and will help to prevent stretch marks in the future.

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