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Oily Skin Treatment – 7 Steps to Eliminate the Shine

Wednesday, July 27th 2011. | Skin Care
Oily Skin Treatment – Are you plagued with oily skin? does one feel you’ll never eliminate that annoying shine? Oily skin appearance greasy and should even seem dirty. And it isn’t simply the ugly glow that is troublesome. Oily skin is at risk of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. you’ll be able to count on it… the ugliest zit can pop up specifically after you least need it to!

What causes the unending flow of oil?

Over-active sebaceous glands are liable for your additional shiny skin. These glands manufacture oil throughout life. however from time to time they’re super busy… manufacturing method an excessive amount of oil! Excessive sebum (the technical term for skin oil) could be a explicit downside throughout the teenage years. however oily skin will last well into young adulthood and beyond.

oily skin treatmentThe fact is, some people are simply prone to oily skin. The tendency towards oily skin is considered genetic. It may also be due to hormones. Those wild hormones that run rampant during the teen years kick oil-producing glands into overdrive! Almost everyone’s skin is oily at this age.

Actually, some sebum is necessary and beneficial. It’s your skin’s natural lubricant, carrying dead cells to the surface. Yet when too much sebum is produced, an imbalance occurs. This lays the foundation for problem skin. Excess oil on the skin’s surface is a magnet for dirt and grime. The dirt in turn causes pores to clog… and this leads to blemishes.

A cycle of disaster for your skin!

What to do? Follow the simple suggestions below to keep oil under control…

Oily Skin Treatment

Prevention is the first line of defense. Taking steps to keep your pores from clogging is the best protection against blackheads and acne.

The basic rule is to keep your skin clean. This is essential!

* Wash your face morning and night. To preserve needed moisture, use a gentle, natural soap or cleanser and warm water. Forget hot water and cold splashes. They are unnecessary and actually shock the skin. Gentle care, for all skin types, is best.
* Follow cleansing with an astringent or toner. This will tighten and close pores… leaving skin with a smooth, even appearance. Any trace of dirt or cleanser will also be removed.
* Use facial blotting papers to soak up midday shine. Press along the all important T-Zone… the forehead, nose, and chin.
* Always remove make-up before you go to bed…no matter how tired you are! It only takes a minute or two and will help prevent dirt buildup and clogged pores.
* Choose water-based cosmetics. Oily products can aggravate oily skin and lead to blemishes.
* Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Reduce, or eliminate, sugar and processed foods. The foods you eat are reflected in the appearance of your skin.
* Take time to relax and have fun. While everyone should follow this advice, there’s a definite correlation between stress and acne

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