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Prescription Acne Medication – Which is Best For Treating Acne?

Friday, July 15th 2011. | Acne Care
Prescription Acne Medication – Many acne sufferers seek for a prescription acne medication when having very little to no results with over the counter washes and creams. for a few folks over the counter treatments work effectively whereas others would like a stronger resolution. when seeing a dermatologist, they’re going to prescribe you a prescription medication for your acne. we are going to re-evaluate a number of the foremost effective prescription medications for acne below thus you’ll be able to counsel them along with your doctor.

Prescription Strength Benzoyl Peroxide: you’ll have tried or used Benzoyl Peroxide as a result of it’s usually sold over the counter. However, there’s totally different strength and concentration levels and a doctor will prescribe you a way stronger version then those sold in stores. Benzoyl Peroxide works terribly effectively for destroying acne inflicting bacteria usually times acne sufferers see nice results employing a stronger concentration.

prescription acne medicationRetinoids: One of the most popular prescription acne medication is Retinoids. They are usually a topical cream or gel that is applied once or twice a day. They can also be taken orally. Some popular Retinoids are Retin-A and Differin. They work by unclogging pores therefore stopping and preventing breakouts.

Antibiotics: For moderate to severe acne antibiotics are often prescribed either orally or using a topical medication. The antibiotics effectively destroy acne bacteria and that stops acne from forming. The downside of antibiotics is it can be the slowest to take effect and see results.

Chemical peels: Not as common, but some doctors will recommend chemical peels depending on your skin type and severity of your acne. It works by safely shedding and removing the top layer of skin and that allows clear healthy skin to take its place. Don’t be startled by the name because it is painless and has little to no side effects unlike some of the other prescription medications.

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