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Some Information About Laser Hair Regrowth

Tuesday, July 5th 2011. | Hair Care
Laser Hair Regorwth – Laser hair regrowth might sound like an impossibility as a result of the general public consider this procedure as getting used to get rid of hair, not restore it. However, this red light-weight treatment will promote topical healing of follicles that are broken. The pulsating lights really stimulate the cells into healing.

As with any treatment you’ll expect it to require multiple visits, however during this case as a result of the lights are applied simply long enough to start out the follicle cells healing method. Over treatment with laser hair regrowth might have adverse effects, and a personal follicle are often targeted.laser hair regowth

Apparently, this treatment works in healing the follicle cells, but genetics are at work here, too. Because of that, it is important to be realistic in your expectations that this is a temporary solution, which will require continued treatments each year, to maintain the new ‘healed’ condition of the follicle. It can take several years to achieve restoration. 

The laser light regrowth method stimulates blood flow to the follicles that have stopped growing, either due to damage or other external forces, and can result in restoring the growth factors. About the only side effect is that the follicles simply don’t start growing, and some people have slightly irritated skin from the headset that is worn.

The treatments do not puncture the skin, you simply sit in a reclined position under a dome with the flashing red lights for about 10 to 30 minutes. This is what is known as a “soft” treatment, so you don’t have to worry about there being any needles involved. Although it is not as intense, If you want to supplement your scheduled treatments, there is a comb you can purchase for home use.

Laser hair regrowth is a more affordable means of treatment than other more invasive methods, which can be painful and require a surgical room. They are also much less time consuming that other methods. These treatments may, or may not, be covered under your insurance plan, but they are reasonably priced at less than one hundred dollars a treatment. Keep in mind that it does require multiple treatments to start experiencing success.


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