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Anti Aging Products – How Natural Anti Aging Products Are Healthier Than Commercial Brands

Sunday, August 21st 2011. | Anti Aging
Anti Aging Products – Natural anti aging products are far better for you than business brands. this can be to not say that business brands don’t work, as a result of they in all probability do work. this can be to mention that the bulk of economic complete merchandise contain ingredients that are harmful to your health, whereas natural merchandise don’t.

Two Common Ingredients in business complete

Two of the worst ingredients found in ancient anti aging products are mineral oil and dioxane. Mineral oil, conjointly referred to as paraffin, paraffin wax, or petroleum, is incredibly commonly found in these merchandise. several manufacturer’s use mineral oil as a result of it’s low cost. anti aging productsMineral oil prevents your skin from respiration. It smothers pores, that causes the toxins to make up. this can be what causes acne breakouts. Mineral oil conjointly dries out the skin. Surprisingly, using mineral oil for an extended amount of your time will really bring about premature aging. this can be a contradiction of what you’re using anti aging merchandise for within the initial place.

Dioxane is a synthetic derivative of coconut. While you may think it is good because it comes from coconut, it is not good. It is used in anti-wrinkle creams in high concentrations. The State of California has labeled dioxane a chemical that is known to cause cancer. If you choose not to go natural, make sure these ingredients are not listed on the product you choose.

Other ingredients that can irritate skin and increase the risk of cancer and hormonal issues are: parabens, sulfates, ureas and fragrances.

Benefits of Natural Products

There are many benefits to using natural anti aging products verses commercial brand products; however, the most important one is the safer ingredients. The safer ingredients not only reduce health risks, but they are more effective and provide better results.

That’s right. If you have always believed that natural meant less effective, this is not the case. In fact, many natural personal care products have better results than commercial brand products. Scientific studies have shown that natural ingredients have been proven as effective on the skin. In fact, many natural anti aging products work as good as or better than store brand products.

Natural products help to strengthen the immune system. They are rich in antioxidants; therefore, they help to protect against free radicals. They also stimulate the body’s immune system, which makes is stronger.

Ingredients to look for in Natural Anti Aging Products

The ingredients have different properties that will perform different duties. For example, vitamin E has been proven to reduce wrinkles and lines, while grape seed oil improves skin health and reduces wrinkles and stretch marks. Coenzyme Q10 has been proven to have a major effect on wrinkles. Ingredients rich in antioxidants to strengthen the immune system include: Active Manuka honey, Cynergy TK, and vitamin E.

It is important to hydrate the skin. The outer tissue cells need water to stay hydrated. The following natural ingredients hydrate and rejuvenate the skin by helping your skin to retain water by creating a film over the skin. These ingredients are olivem 800, crodamol op, natural vitamin E and maracuja.

Remember, the point of anti aging products is to reduce or eliminate the signs of aging. Commercial brand anti aging products tend to contain harmful ingredients that actually increase these signs. Natural anti aging products are better for your skin and your health.

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