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Grow Longer Eyelashes by Having Eyelash Implants

Wednesday, August 3rd 2011. | Makeup Tips
Eyelash Implants – Eyelash implants are only 1 of the choices out there to you in your quest for extended, fuller eyelashes. If you do not wish to trouble with eyelash serums, volumising mascaras, or eyelash extensions (also referred to as semi permanent extensions), then maybe implants are the thanks to go.

Although not originally developed as a cosmetic procedure, surgery for eyelash implants has quickly gained ground and is currently a highly profitable market. However, it should not be for the faint hearted!
eyelash implantsSurgery for eyelash implants is performed under a local anaesthetic so you won’t feel it, but you will obviously be very aware of the surgeon being close to the eye. This may not be that bad as eye shields are normally used to protect the eye from possible damage. The entire procedure takes about one to two hours depending on the number of implants required. Normally, around 30 – 60 hair follicles are taken from the head or back of the neck and implanted into the upper lash area. For some people, this type of procedure may invade their personal space a bit too much and make them feel uncomfortable.

You will need a few days to recover from the procedure and should always follow the doctor’s recommendations regarding aftercare. Do not be alarmed if some of the eyelash implants fall out after three or four weeks, this is perfectly naturally and they will grow back.

Do not expect instant gratifying results, as you will not get them. The implants act like your normal hair and it will take 12 to 24 weeks to create a noticeable difference. One thing to note though, if the hair is coming from your scalp, then your new lashes will grow faster than your natural eyelashes and will need trimming. It is also possible, that your new lashes will have the same tendencies as when they were in your scalp. That is, if you have coarse curly hair, you will need to straighten them. Your surgeon should make you aware of this possibility and what to do about it.

If all this sounds a little too much, you could consider eyelash extensions first as these are really quite good. Synthetic lashes are just glued to the lash through a painless procedure and you will find that they are resistant to water, sun, sweat or tears. You should avoid water for the first two hours and waterproof mascara at all times as this may pull the lashes off as it bonds with the natural lashes. The downside is that they only last for about two months before you will need to have them replaced.

Although eyelash implants are a good way to improve the look of your eyes, it should not be considered lightly. It is after all a type of transplant surgery and is therefore expensive and does have some risks. Do consider trying other avenues first before you go down this avenue.

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