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How to Put on Eye Makeup

Thursday, August 4th 2011. | Makeup Tips
How to Put on Eye Makeup- Eyes are precious and one should savvy to intensify your facial beauty by accentuating your eyes. to focus on your eyes you need to savvy to place on eye form up. If you are doing not recognize the correct technique then you would possibly simply land in an exceedingly ton of bother.The health of your eye is additional necessary than to create them look nice and exquisite. most typical issues that young ladies face whereas they commit to placed on eye create are the smudging.how to put on eye makeup
The common enemy of delicate facial parts is the chemical that is present in the make up powder or the eye liner, even some varieties and shades of mascara can easily cause irritation and skin allergies. So it is always smart to know how to handle and how to put on these eye make up cosmetics.

To put on eye make up efficiently one must have a very steady pair of hands. More over one must take care to read the information mentioned in the product covers of the synthetic variety of the cosmetic products as most of these products have a very specific way of using them.

At the hands of a seasoned individual this might just be a cake walk but or a novice it might become a ordeal to put on eye make up properly without landing in to a lot of trouble.

Again ensure that you are not sweating or crying when you have put on the eye make up for most of these cosmetics can just wash out of their place if you perspire heavily or you cry. The beauty of your face again will not depend entirely on your eyes therefore it is very stupid of a person to apply make up on their eyes while they leave out other parts of the face.

A balance is very important as you have to ensure that you do not end up decking your eyes with an n over dose of make up. A suitable tip would be to tone up your face to a lighter shade and that will highlight your eyes even if you apply a slight touch of mascara or a delicate line with your liner.

How to put on eye liners

1. Make sure that your hands are dry and your palm is not sweating.

2. Wash your face off oil.

3. Apply a make up base which of prime importance before you put on any make up.

4. Apply mascara, or line your eyes with a liner only when the base is dry and be careful for the first few moments to aid drying of the make up.

5. If you are using concealing products such as lenses make sure you are using them only after dipping them in the lens solutions.

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