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Mineral Make Up Foundation

Monday, August 29th 2011. | Makeup Tips

Mineral Make Up – I have been curious about natural make-up for some time. I don’t have any sensitive skin issues or lots of blemishes that need covering up, so that is why I always used regular, drugstore brand cosmetics. However, the popularity of mineral make-up & its ability to give that translucent, natural looking finish to your skin piqued my interest. It had me walking to the beauty bar to buy my first product: mineral make-up foundation.

mineral make upI opted to purchase my first make-up foundation in loose powder form, as I had read that mineral cosmetics would be considered more “pure” if it is a loose powder. When I first tried the mineral foundation, the finish impressed me, as well as how light it felt in my skin. I was not impressed, though, of the mess I made of my shirt. I had mineral powder everywhere! See, I am not really an expert with a cosmetics brush. Most of my make-up products are in liquid or cream form, which allows me to use a sponge or my fingers for application. So I went back online to search for a mineral make-up foundation that would make application a little neater and easier. This is when I came across Illuminare Cosmetics and their liquid foundation.

I tried the Ultimate All Day Liquid Mineral Foundation. It is ideal for normal to oily skin, and it really delivers on its promise. It did not give any creasing or did not change color the entire day. It also gives a matte finish even if your skin is oily. You also need just a little bit of the foundation, and as long as you blend it well, you will have a base that will be perfect to hold your look for the entire day – no touch ups needed! Illuminare also offers Fantastic Finish Liquid Make-up Foundation and Extra Coverage Liquid Mineral Make-up – both of which can be used as a base or a concealer.

In choosing the right mineral make-up foundation, whether in loose powder or liquid form, make sure that you know what skin type you have and what ingredients will work best for you. Ask your dermatologist for tips, and don’t be afraid to do a little testing and research to ensure that you find the perfect products for you!

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