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Organic Body Lotion – How To Find The Best All Natural Lotion For Your Skin

Wednesday, August 24th 2011. | Cosmetics

Organic Body Lotion – The label organic body lotion is somewhat misleading. Certification might not be obtainable within the country where the merchandise was manufactured. Some cosmetic ingredients can not be certified as organics. sure ingredients don’t have to be compelled to be certified.

Most of the lotions bearing the label have higher worth tags. Here are the facts regarding organics and that ingredients are value paying further for.

The term “organic” truly has several definitions. When it involves foods and cosmetic ingredients, we tend to are talking regarding farmed things that were grown while not the utilization of chemical pesticides or herbicides. If the farmed item is an animal product, we tend to are talking regarding the routine use of hormones, antibiotics and alternative medicine.
organic body lotion The regular use of any of those compounds is bad for the environment. That is first and most important. Farm run-off contributes greatly to pollution in the waterways. Traces of antibiotics and hormones in water supplies damage the ecosystem. They do that by killing or causing the mutation of plants, algae, fish and other wildlife.

Second, but still very important, the drugs and other chemicals are “probably” bad for our health. A manufacturer of an organic body lotion would say they are “definitely” bad for our health. Proving the threat to human health has been difficult. We may never have a definite answer. It is safe to say that eating from a plastic container made from the endocrine disruptor BPA is worse for your health than eating non-organic foods or using non-organic skincare products.

All foods can be certified in the US and the European Union. Cosmetics are not certified in the US. Legislation for certification is in progress to certify cosmetics in the European Union. Farms can be certified in both countries and a cosmetic company could use the farmer’s certification as an advertising tool for the company.

Any organic body lotion will contain water, which cannot be certified. It doesn’t come from a farm. Mineral derivatives, such as kaolin, cannot be certified. Neither can salt, zinc, titanium or other common cosmetic ingredients.

When it comes to plant-based oils and fats like Shea butter and grape seed oil, the main concern is whether or not solvents are used to extract the oils. The farm could be certified, but not the manufacturer responsible for expressing the oils.

Many of the ingredients worth paying extra for, because of their purity or effectiveness, cannot be found in an organic body lotion. The best advice is to learn about all of your options, before you buy.

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