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The Many Make Up Artist Career Opportunities

Monday, August 22nd 2011. | Makeup Tips

Make Up Artist – Being a form up artist can offer you with the flexibility to form a fairly smart living currently. If you’re gifted enough you’ll be able to realize opportunities which will pay you the maximum amount as what some doctor’s and alternative professionals build. however it isn’t solely what you recognize, however who you recognize which will verify how so much you get. you want to push and good.

Make Up Artist career Opportunities

Many make-up artists aspire to work in theater, television, and with modelling agencies. Who wouldn’t want to be working with the hottest models and actors? When you pursue this career path you will work with actors and models getting them ready for their next performance or photo shoot. And there can be lots of variation on a day by day basis. You might work a run way show and deal with the frantic pace of touching the models up in between their walks down the runway.

The best make up artists for show business are those that are adaptable and have high levels of creativity and artistry. You never know when you will need to transform that hot Hollywood actress into an old woman or even a zombie!

make up artistSpas and Salons for Stable Employment

Most make up artists take jobs working in a salon or a spa. These opportunities are available in all major cities as well as resorts and on cruise ships. This is a bit different from dealing with models and actors all day long. You will need superb people skills to follow this career path. In addition to making your customer’s feel beautiful, you will also need to provide them with excellent customer service. This will keep them coming back and leaving larger tips.

There may not be as much glamour in working at a spa, but it is a very important job. People go to spas and resorts to relax. You are there to help them in that process. At the end of the day you have done a lot of good for people. Just take a look at how many spas and salons there are these days. And once you are experienced and have regular clientele, you can even consider opening your own spa.

Make Up Artists and Sales?

Another area available to you is working in a department store or in direct sales. You will take the knowledge you gained in school and combine it with your sales skills to earn a very good living simply helping people make the right choices on the make up they purchase. Feeling like your sales skills aren’t that great? Product expertise can help a lot. This position will require great people skills as well as you will need to communicate clearly and effectively with your customers.

As a make up artist you can choose one or all of the career paths above. You will never be bored with all the opportunities available to you. Keep learning and increasing your qualifications and you will never want for a job again.

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