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Hair Removal for Woman – The Best Permanent Method!

Sunday, September 18th 2011. | Hair Care
Hair Removal – The age-old human issue of woman: UNWANTED HAIR. The modern human solution: Permanent hair removal. But what is the best process?

Plenty of forms of treatment have been sprouting and have made ladies excited. The chance to be perfectly hairless, to not worry about constantly shaving, waxing, sugaring, plucking, etc, has definitely become of modern women’s dreams. Would not it be wonderful if you’d never must worry about going to that important cocktail event, that pool party, or that beach outing and wearing whatever you like? You could go on a whim to any location you’d like and wear your best mini-skirt, your cute small sun dress or party dress, your sexy shorts, your sleeveless top, your sexy bikini – and you would not require to stress over whether or not you have forgotten to shave or bring your package of shaving materials. To live a life without those messy depilatory creams, or those painful waxing sessions… to be able to wear your skin in all its smooth and polished glory – to be able to walk in those heels with confidence, to be able to rub legs together with your man and not be embarrassed by prickly hair growth – is not that a wonderful thought?hair removal woman
So far, it has won the hearts of sophisticated women who are demanding for such methods of permanent hair removal. The following are examples of some the most used and considered the BEST permanent hair removal methods so far.

“Permanent” is a term that has been so frequently used with these latest hair removal techniques. What these treatments do is to reduce hair growth until you don’t need to shave or get rid of hair as frequently as you always used to do. Some treatments significantly reduce the hair growth and since there are those that target pigments (color), some that do grow back have a very light color and then become less noticeable. There are light-based treatments like laser and some other treatments include electrolysis. Results vary for every individual so it’s very important that you check first with your chosen physician about your condition and the appropriate permanent hair removal treatment that would work for you as well as the number of sessions you’ll need. You’ll also need to take stock of the risks you are willing to take and the money you are willing to spend. ALWAYS choose quality and trustworthiness over cheapness.

Laser treatment is a relatively more common and is a less painful treatment compared to electrolysis. Laser hair removal treatment uses light that is released into the skin from an applicator. This light usually targets dark material (pigments). The light obstructs the hair follicle thus significantly reducing hair re-growth. Multiple hairs are treated in one flash of light from the applicator device.

Factors in choosing the permanent hair removal treatment that would be the best for you:

1. Skin characteristics (color, etc.)

2. Hair characteristics (amount, color, type, etc.)

3. Treatment Area (back, legs, underarms, etc.)

Electrolysis is more painful and expensive but it has been clinically proven to completely eliminate and keep unwanted hair gone for good. The process of electrolysis also takes longer and is more tedious because each hair will be taken care of individually. A metal probe as thin as hair is inserted into the skin and electricity is delivered to the follicle. This process does damage to the hair follicle only (without damaging surrounding tissue) impeding any further hair re-growth. Electrolysis has a longer and more positive record compared to the less painful and faster laser treatment, and electrolysis’ guarantee of permanent hair removal has a higher success rate.

Of course, anything done improperly may not always result to what you would want. Also, results may vary because these treatments largely depend on individual characteristics (like those mentioned above). That’s why it must be continually stressed that it is always important to do a lot of background research on your clinic, attending physician, the procedure, and the equipment to be used.

As a woman consumer, it is always good to be armed with the right information. This is so that you and your trusted advisor (of course a licensed and certified authority in dermatology must be considered for these sorts of consultations) can then choose the permanent hair removal treatment that is best for you. Once that is done, you can then have that perfect and polished ideal you’ve always dreamed for your body.

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