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Smokey Eyes Makeup Tips For Beginners

Thursday, September 22nd 2011. | Makeup Tips

Smokey Eyes Makeup – Like a number of the other famous makeup trends in the fashion industry which become ageless like for example cat eyes. Even Smokey eyes appear to be a similar kind of trend which so far is showing no signs of dying out in fashion parties, shows and cat walks. Every woman desires to look her best and if combined with the ideal eye makeup, the beauty and glamour of the same person is heightened by several notches. The basic technique and results follow the same lines as with other make up techniques – if done by a professional, beauty will only and only be enhanced but if done badly, it can make a naturally pretty person appear hideous. Therefore, it is important not to get excited while doing it for the first time but do it with patience and creativity.

smokey eye makeupThe first smokey eyes makeup tip is to choose the right gear. There are several companies and brands which have their own prepared guidelines and make up tips, accessories and products specifically for Smokey eyes in particular and other make up processes in general but these may not work for everyone in the same way. An eye primer will assist in keeping shadows in places though it is not as necessary. You need two shades because for Smokey eyes, the correct or rather perfect blend is quite important. One needs to be darker and the other lighter so that a nice contrast comes out ultimately. A matte black base along with a matte black powder eye shadow comes out quite beautifully.

Even a matt highlight which matches the skin tone and another matte highlight also add effects. Eyeliners and mascara are also required so that you can highlight the details of the eye and give it a nice feel. Apart from these, make up brushes of various sizes and shapes are needed and these depend on the requirements of the person. A separate brush and/or a sponge tip applicator serves nicely to apply the base. A brush to blend the lighter shade and another for the highlight colors in also needed. Some people generally also apply shimmers and glitter to their Smokey eyes for shine in the eye and the face.

The main part of nice Smokey eyes is proper blending – the finer it is, the better is the outcome. You need to make certain that the colors which you are going to use are properly mixed and for the best contrast, it is imperative that you pair light base colors with richer and darker ones. Some of the popular mixes are a gentle gold base with intense purple above or straw base with rich blue. Make sure that your eye lids are oil free so that the shadows are not disturbed and this can be done with the use of a Primer or an eye shadow base. Follow with the eyeliner which can be the usually black, gray or brown. Try to keep the shade on the Smokey side to highlight the lines. The line should be thicker in the center than the edges to give it depth and glow. For a top smokey eyes makeup tip, If you want the jewel- toned eye; violet, purple, or even blue makes for stunning Smokey eyes.

Sarah Lowe is a skin care devotee and has been writing many makeup related articles to help women look their best by avoiding common mistakes.

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