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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For Me?

Monday, October 3rd 2011. | Hair Care
Is Laser Hair Removal Safe – Many people require to know, is laser hair removal safe? Like most cosmetic treatments, yes it is safe, if performed properly by a licensed technician and if all safety precautions are taken.

There’s only a few hazards associated with laser hair removal. The most dangerous part of the treatment is the laser itself and the effect it’s on the eye, though any destroy created by the laser is basically preventable. It is important for both the patient and technician to don protective eyewear. Goggles or safety glasses will be provided on location. The different wavelengths of the lasers decide what type of eyewear ought to be worn. Extreme safety measures must be taken when laser hair removal is performed on the face as the laser is working so close to the eyes.
is laser hair removal safe In this case, complete blackout goggles should be worn to avoid eye damage. Before the lasering begins, you need to make sure that absolutely no light can get in from around the sides of the goggles. Once your goggles are properly in place, be sure not to move or shift them during the lasering as this may cause new gaps that allow the laser to come in. Aside from the potential for eye damage, there are the minor side effects that may occur, including skin discoloration and minor burns.

Is laser hair removal safe during pregnancy? Though there have not been any formal studies to determine whether or not it is safe for pregnant women to undergo laser hair removal, most practitioners would recommend the woman wait until she is no longer pregnant, just to be safe, as there is little information on how the laser will affect the growing fetus. Luckily, most unwanted hair that appears during pregnancy will most often fall off on its own shortly after giving birth.

Is laser hair removal safe while breastfeeding? Again, not much research has been done on this subject. A lot of practitioners will refuse to perform the treatment until after the baby has been weaned while others believe that since the laser only affects the skin, there is no harm in treating a patient while she is lactating. Talk to your practitioner. If you do not feel that it is 100% safe, the best bet is to wait until you are done breastfeeding.

Is laser hair removal safe on moles? Since moles indicate concentrations of melanin, small, light, benign moles should be safe to have laser treatment on or near as there is little chance that the laser will cause it to become malignant. The thicker and darker the mole, the more risky it is to have laser treatment performed on it. Consult a dermatologist to determine whether the mole should be removed prior to laser treatment.

Is laser hair removal safe on freckles? Freckles are so light in pigmentation that there are no safety issues in regard to lasering overtop of them. In fact, as freckles contain small amounts of melanin, there is the chance that the laser may lighten freckles.

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