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Natural Eye Makeup For Women

Wednesday, November 30th 2011. | Makeup Tips

Natural eye makeup will always close with the brown color, red brick color and other color which are close to the skin color. This natural eye make up has been an eye makeup ideas since women love to have natural make up for daily use in office and daily occasions. To get the natural eye make up, the natural eye makeup tutorial is needed to guide the users for perfect result of eye make up. Natural make up will connect with the natural foundation and other stuffs to support the natural look of performance. Natural eye makeup can be applied in daily use as frequent as the users want.


Natural Eye Makeup For Each Eye

Natural eye makeupNatural eye makeup of each type of eyes is different even though the colors which are usually used are quite same. The blending color of each type of eyes is different. Eye make up ideas will lead you on how to treat the every type of eyes’ shapes with several color combination to get best performance and beauty. Natural eye makeup look for round big eyes will need light color while small narrow eyes will always stay on dark color to create wide eyes illusion. Perfect natural eye makeup will need other stuffs as complementary make up such as eye liner. The existing eye liner for small narrow eyes wills wider the narrow eyes. Natural eye makeup is not only needing qualified eye shadow with several colors but other stuffs to support great lively eyes on daily occasions.


Natural Eye Makeup With The Right Color

Natural eye makeup for daily use should pay attention to the color of the eyes. Every person has different color of eyes and the blending of natural color eye make up should match with the eyes colors. Natural eye makeup ideas that always play with skin color look should care about the eyes color. Beautiful natural eye makeup is achieved when the combination of eye shadow color, eyes color and application of foundation and tricking eye shadow over the eyes are runs well. Natural eye makeup is one of eye make up ideas, has been a favor for some women lately.

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