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Natural Makeup Look Tips and Ideas

Tuesday, November 22nd 2011. | Makeup Tips

If you prefer for more natural look, it’s recommended to start creating natural makeup look. Somehow, to create something natural, you should apply and use less. For instance, use less foundation, eye shadow and else. By applying less, you won’t need to trouble yourself with any heavy-handed makeup techniques which tend to be quite difficult. In fact, you only need to watch natural looking make up tutorial online once or twice so that you don’t have to specially go to any beauty courses. It will be also great if you start using natural makeup which contains no chemical. So, let’s reveal some of the best tips for natural makeup look you can do now.


Natural Makeup Look – The Basic

Natural makeup lookNo matter what natural makeup look you want to create, you should never miss the basics. Here, you will be given with basic natural looking make up tips you can apply. First, try choosing the tinted moisturizer to even and blend your skin out. For some heavier coverage, concealer is good to use so that you can cover some dot or blemishes on your face. You can choose concealer with yellow undertones if you have quite a lot of blemishes. Then, apply tinted moisturizer again for lighter look. When you have done with the basic, you can continue to the further steps of natural makeup look by revealing the suitable natural look make up ideas.


Natural Makeup Look – The Lips and Eyes

For your lips, natural makeup look doesn’t require you to apply the brightest lipstick to get you noticeable by people. Instead of bright one, you can choose the one which has similar color with your lips. Let’s say, most natural make up look shouldn’t be mixed with super glossy or glitter lipstick. While for the eyes, you can add volume by using mascara without overdoing it. Also, choose eye shadow which can enhance your eye’s color. And for the eyeliner, avoid using unnatural or black shades but choose the charcoal grey or brown. See, it isn’t that difficult to create natural makeup look, right?

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