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Asian eye makeup for covering single lid

Thursday, December 1st 2011. | Makeup Tips

Asian eye makeup is one of style which designed particularly for those whose small eyes. It’s realized the Asian mostly only have single lid on their eyelids. Besides, some of Asians have crease though it’s not really length on their eyes, while the rest of them don’t have any crease on their upper lid. Therefore, they’re provided by plenty of eye makeup ideas in order to create crease which look like natural so their eyes will be bigger in appearance. For that reason, this kind of makeup is started by coloring eyebrow with brighter one than their natural color. They’re recommended to make arch in order to make highlight their eyes. This initial process will be followed by several eye makeup tip which making them to be familiar with the use of eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner. When they have done with those things, they’ll see how beautiful their Asian eye makeup.


Asian eye makeup for putting eye shadow and mascara

Asian eye makeupAnother step of Asian eye makeup is applying eye shadow in which they’re encouraged to give brighter color for the sake of creating bigger small appearance than original ones. The shade they apply should be done from the bottom of the lid and then it’s blended with lighter shade. After that, they can apply Asian eye makeup tutorial by using mascara. They’re pleased to apply it in small portion on their lower lashes. Please convince them as well to comb layers of mascara when they already curled them. Applying this perhaps can’t be done well once, but they have to practice several times before they find their suitable and perfect way for their eyes. Eye makeup techniques then should be applied patiently and they’ll succeed their stunning Asian eye makeup.


Asian eye makeup with eyeliner

After applying eye shadow and mascara for having Asian eye makeupthey then should go next step by putting eyeliner. Some people consider this way is the important part for the makeup for Asian eyes. Firstly, they need to create a line nearly to the lashes which subsequently lead them to create smoky eyes in order to bring out the eyes. Finally, they’re pleased to apply eyeliner under the eyes by having soft shadow line. These makeup tips for Asian eyes obviously will make the best Asian eye makeup for beautifying them perfectly.

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