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Causes Of Hair Loss That Common But You Have To Know

Monday, February 6th 2012. | Hair Care

Causes of hair loss mainly come from the normal cycle to lose 50-100 hairs a day. The problem is many people do not understand about the cycle so it is not necessarily a worrying sign to see hairs fall out and the main causes of hair loss is the age. Many studies about the causes of hair loss includes the various possible causes of hair loss, the major ones are; testosterone, menopause, iron deficiency, stress, drugs, skin disorders, genetics and aging that need to know for the right hair loss treatments.

Hair Loss As A Widespread Condition But Need Treatment

causes of hair lossThe most and the largest case found are based on the stress that triggered the causes of hair loss. The person that experienced the mental stress can cause temporary hair loss, it often occurs 2-3 month after the stressful event or period started and it is common on the case of causes of hair loss. The condition is that the hair follicles enter the telogen phase prematurely, this causes them to stop growing new hairs and to shed hairs and usually it occurs as Causes Hair Loss Women.

The Use Of Excessive And Wrong Drugs

As the complex problem on the causes of hair loss drugs can be the worst trigger. Since it can also cause hair loss, though there are many be a delay between taking the medication and the actual hair loss and on the chemo therapy many patients experienced the hair loss that related to causes of hair loss from the drugs. As Reasons for Hair Loss, the use of drugs must be controlled

Causes of hair loss now detected from the studies based on the Types of Hair Loss. The main role of the medication is being taken it is important to consult a doctor to identify causes of hair loss and this could be a side effect of the drug being taken and it may include some drugs like Isotretinoin and other anti-acne drugs, Lipid-lowering drugs (clofibrate, bezafibrate), Warfarin and other drugs which thin the blood, ACE inhibitors for blood pressure or heart failure (captopril, enalapril, lisinopril) as the trigger of causes of hair loss.

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