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Kim Kardashian Makeup Artist: Great Makeup Tips

Tuesday, February 28th 2012. | Makeup Tips

Kim Kardashian makeup artist do their best in creating such of creative makeup to make Kim look great on camera or anywhere. As we know, there are two main makeup artists who always come with Kim Kardashian, an American artist, model, and talented business woman, namely: Mario Dedivanovic and Joyce Bonelli. Both makeup artist of Kim Kardashian makeup always could create the best look for their client.


Kim Kardashian Makeup Artist: Mario Dedivanovic

Kim Kardashian makeup artistMario Dedivanovic is one who applied makeup on Kim’s big day when she married to Kris Humphries. Kim Kardashian makeup in her married was surely created to be more beautiful than her daily appearance. Mario as Kim Kardashian makeup artist said that he would apply clean, radiant, feminine, classic, and modern accent on her makeup.


In this special event, Mario tried to apply as natural as possible for Kim wedding but her natural makeup has to look so glamorous and elegant. From his makeup plans above, then he try to draw some aspects such as: chocolate smoky eyes for Kim Kardashian eye makeup, defined brows, load of lashes, bronzed skins, and pinky lips would be the best combination on Kim wedding appearance.


Kim Kardashian Makeup Artist: Joyce Bonelli

Joice Bonelli is one of Kim Kardashian makeup artist who usually create the best makeup for Kim Kardashian. Joyce has her own makeup tips which commonly apply while creating makeup for Kim. There are three of Kim Kardashian makeup tips which shared by Joyce for others makeup artist in order to success to create the best appearance for their clients. Firstly, you have to be brave in adding more than a bright color for makeup. Secondly, try to have self-experiment in creating new look of lashes applying. Thirdly, try to always line surround the lip with darker color than the lip color applying to press the full shape of lips. Those are some tips from Kim Kardashian makeup artist.

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