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Kim Kardashian Makeup : How to Recreate Her Makeup

Monday, February 27th 2012. | Makeup Tips

Kim Kardashian makeup usually made to create sexy accent on her face especially to fit her perfect sexy body which make many men attracted. Kim Kardashian is a beautiful model; actress, business woman, and socialite come from America. This pretty woman who always looked with her Smokey eye makeup is also known as Kimberly Noel who was born on October 21st, 1980. In his 32-year-old, Kim still looks as fresh as her in young age. And of course this impression appears because of professional Kim Kardashian makeup artist.


Kim Kardashian Makeup Tips

Kim Kardashian makeupMany women want to appear as like their favorite actress for example Kim Kardashian as a sexy woman. Various Kim Kardashian makeup tips could be found anywhere, and those Kim Kardashian makeup tips offer various makeup style of Kim to be recreate. One of Kim Kardashian makeup information explains about how to make Kim Kardashian eye makeup especially for Smokey eye makeup. Actually, her Smokey eyes are easy to recreate, you only have to prepare a light concealer, eye pencil, brush, and sponge.


Firstly, you have to clean your eyes. Then apply light concealer such as by using your natural makeup foundation under your eyes. Secondly, decide and apply eye shadow color to create your Smokey effect on. Make a line on both bottom and top rims to frame the eyes. The last, apply dark shadow over pencil lined area then smudge it to create effect around your eyes. Using finger to do this step would be better.


Kim Kardashian Makeup Secret

Every artist and her makeup artist have their own secret especially while applying makeup. Not different with Kim who always applies Kim Kardashian makeup products to create the best look for her appearance in public. Besides selecting and applying her favorite makeup products, Kim Kardashian makeup organizer also has duty to always ensure the best Kim Kardashian makeup.

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